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Lecciones Para Canallas (Lessons For Scoundrels)
Lecciones Para Canallas (Lessons For Scoundrels)

Hola México Film Festival (HMFF) returns October 2-10, 2022 during Hispanic Heritage Month for its 14th edition featuring 20+ films and 20 short films from its program Tomorrows Filmmakers Today.

The opening night film is “Lecciones Para Canallas” (Lessons For Scoundrels) taking place at The Montalban Theater in Hollywood, CA. At once moving and hilarious, this singular comedy begins when Jenny (Danae Reynaud) travels to Mexico City in search of her father following the sudden death of her mother. But she soon discovers that her dad is far from a conventional guy. Barry el Sucio (played by the extraordinary Joaquín Cosío) is a seasoned and charismatic con man who abandoned her as a child. The two start off as strangers trying to find common ground, as Barry introduces her to his world of deceit by revealing the tricks of “the trade.” Directed by . Gustavo Moheno, the cast includes Joaquin Cosio, Danae Reynaud and Diana Bovio. (Mexico 2022, 95min)

The festival is comprised of the following sections: México Ahora, Documental, El Otro México, and Nocturno. México Ahora features the best of Mexican films released in recent years, covering every genre. Documental includes notable non-fiction films made by Mexican filmmakers. El Otro Mexico highlights experiences of Mexicans rarely portrayed on screen, skillfully presenting perceptive narratives that challenge the status quo. The Nocturno section offers offbeat stories and horror films.

A special showcase of two Mexican Films from the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema: “Sombra Verde” (starring Ricardo Montalban himself and directed by Roberto Gabaldon and “La Mujer Murcielago” (Batwoman) a film that has been lost for decades directed by the renowned Rene Cardona. Both films have been fully restored in HD and will play in the wonderful Montalban Theater rooftop.

Hola Mexico Film Festival will be presenting the following films:


Un Retrato De Familia / A Family Portrait – Dir. Adrian Zurita

Va Por Diego / For Diego – Dir. Miguel Flatow

La Vida En Silencio / Life In Silence – Rodrigo Arnaez

50 (O 2 ballenas se encuentran en la playa / 50 Or Two Whales Meet At The Beach – Dir. Jorge Cuchi

Estacion Catorce – Dir. Diana Cardozo

Nudo Mixteco – Dir. Ángeles Cruz

Lecciones Para Canallas / Lessons For Scoundrels – Dir. Gustavo Moheno

El Hoyo En La Cerca / The Hole In The Fence Dir. Lorenzo Vigas

Manto De Gemas / Robe Of Gems – Natalia López Gallardo

La Civil – Dir. Teodora Mihai

Mi novia es la revolución / My Girlfriend Is The Revolution – Dir. Marcelino Islas

Finlandia – Dir. Horacio Alcala

El Norte Sobre El Vacío / Northern Skies Over Empty Space – Dir. Alejandra Marquez Abella

El Diablo Entre Las Piernas / Devil Between The Legs – Dir. Arturo Ripstein

Dias Negros – Dir. Francisco Laresgoiti

Huesera – Dir, Michelle Garza Cervera

Gods Of Mexico – Dir. Helmut Dosantos

Un México Perro… El Héroe Verdadero /The Story Of El Perro Aguayo – Dir. Rafael Aparicio, Andres Klimek

Temporada De Campo / Becoming – Dir. Isabel Vaca

Satanic Hispanics – Dir. Mike Mendez, Demian Rugna, Eduardo Sanchez, Gigi Saul Guerrero & Alejandro Brugues.

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