Northern Shade official trailer and release date
Northern Shade directed by Christopher Rucinski.

In search of his missing brother, an army vet uncovers an extremist militia with violent plans in Northern Shade, the compelling thriller from writer/director Christopher Rucinski.

The award-winning thriller stars Jesse Gavin, Joseph Poliquin, Titiana Galliher, Alejandro Bravo, Alejandro Bravo, Romano Orzari, and Rose Marie Guess.

Christopher Rucinski, who makes his feature film directorial debut, noted he’s proud of the fact that 35% of the cast and crew of Northern Shade are military veterans.

The film premieres theatrically at Laemmle’s Monica and Noho cinemas in Los Angeles and via virtual cinema on February 24, 2023

In the film, OEF Army veteran Justin McLaughlin (Jesse Gavin, The Burial, “Loki”), lives a life of solitude on his boat in Connecticut, working a menial job and avoiding his past. When his estranged brother Charlie (Joseph Poliquin, “Grey Hound”, “Project Power”), goes missing, Justin is forced from isolation and teams up with a private investigator named Frankie to track him down. Together, they discover Charlie’s been recruited by an extremist militia planning an unknown attack. Justin must decide how much of his Army past he’s willing to expose to extract Charlie from the clutches of their paramilitary leader, Billy, while reconciling his own sense of purpose and regaining his brother’s trust. Set during the Covid-19 pandemic, Northern Shade focuses on purpose and redemption in an age of heightened anxiety and isolation.

Watch the official trailer for Northern Shade.

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