The Gravity directed by by Cédric Ido official trailer and release date
The Gravity directed by by Cédric Ido

Dark Star Pictures revealed the official trailer for The Gravity, the gritty French sci fi thriller starring Jean-Baptiste Anoumon, Max Gomis, Steve Tientcheu, Oliver Rosemberg, Thierry Godard, and Hafsia Herzi.

In the film, an unprecedented alignment of planets, impacting the Earth’s gravity, upsets the balance of a futuristic ghetto run by a ruthless gang and the destiny of two brothers eager for their freedom in an unceasing fight between the old and new generations.

Release Date

Directed by French Burkinabé actor Cédric Ido, The Gravity world premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and opens in theaters with a release date of November 10th, 2023, and On Demand & Digital on November 14th, 2023


A mysterious planetary event is sending the skies red over Stains, France, a northern suburb of Paris. It’s all that’s on the news.

Being a conscientious hostage to routine, Daniel (Max Gomis) is up and on the track training before the sun rises on the skyscraping apartment buildings he grew up in. No matter how early he’s up, though, he can’t seem to run fast enough to meet his big brother’s tight drug-delivery schedule. Joshua (Steve Tientcheu), a humble mastermind, has their daily drop-offs methodically mapped out, but this morning’s delay sets them en route just in time for a chilly reunion with Christophe (Jean-Baptiste Anoumon), an estranged childhood friend and a creative visionary with a pen, who is just back from jail and on a mission to find out who put him there. The problem is Christophe has no idea what he’s walking into — none of them do.

This turf has come under new management with an audacious young crew setting the pace, calling themselves rōnin — “samurai without master.” In the time Christophe has been away, the wise among the dealers of his day have learned to act accordingly, to “adapt or die.” That is until someone, or something, upsets the cosmic balance, disrupting gravity and the equilibrium of the neighbourhood. [TIFF]

Official Trailer

Watch the official trailer for The Gravity.

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