Arab Film Festival Australia (AFFA)

NAME OF FESTIVAL: Arab Film Festival Australia (AFFA)

SINCE: 2005

WHERE: Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia


The Arab Film Festival Australia's (AFFA) rising success is proof positive that Arab filmmakers are producing a growing body of work that successfully explores Arab contemporary cultures. The flourishing Arab film industry makes it possible for international communities to share the myriad stories and journeys experienced by Arabic-speaking people. Indeed, in the films presented by AFFA, Arab filmmakers re-tell richly resonant stories, stories that address current challenges, document our time in history and give voice to the many who are often silenced or never heard. Throughout its burgeoning history, AFFA has aimed to address the contemporary reality and frequent misrepresentation of Arab peoples and cultures by reflecting the complexity and diversity of the Arab experience. Whilst at the same time, providing a critical space for alternative screen based representations of Arab subjects, cultures and narratives.

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Arab Film Festival Australia (AFFA)