Fashion in Film Festival

NAME OF FESTIVAL: Fashion in Film Festival

SINCE: 2006

WHERE: London, UK


Fashion in Film is an exhibitions, research and education project based at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. Our festival launched in London in May 2006 as the first film festival of its kind, and has since become a leading international project exploring the common ground shared by fashion and film. At the heart of our mission is archival and scholarly research, combined with accessible and wide-reaching debate.

In our programming we draw on a rich history of the moving image and bring together documentary and fashion films, commercials, newsreels, early cinema and experimental film as well as classic and forgotten gems in European, American and World cinemas. Through a focus on fashion and film costume, we mix the worlds of cinephilia, popular culture, design, art and the underground.

Interdisciplinary by design, Fashion in Film promotes collaborations and dialogue between curators, historians, archivists, fashion designers, artists, filmmakers, musicians and writers, aiming to explore the connections between moving image and clothing, and more broadly, questions of design in film.

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Fashion in Film Festival