Greenpoint Film Festival

NAME OF FESTIVAL: Greenpoint Film Festival

SINCE: 2011

WHERE: Brooklyn, New York, USA


The Greenpoint Film Festival had its inception in 2011 founded and produced by Woven Spaces, INC to create a focal point in critically-acclaimed, thought-provoking, and upcoming filmmakers while simultaneously pushing the envelope in the local community and beyond. The festival is inspired by the stories yet untold and focuses on giving voices to the voiceless in the filmmaking industry while simultaneously bringing together the dazzling neighborhood of Greenpoint located in North Brooklyn. The themes of renewal and reclamation continue to play a major role in the social and creative fabric of the Greenpoint Film Festival as it constantly expands into a platform for thought-provoking and critically acclaimed stories, as well as a showcase for the fine arts and brilliant films.

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Greenpoint Film Festival