International Family Film Festival

NAME OF FESTIVAL: International Family Film Festival
SINCE: 1994
WHERE: Santa Clarita, LA, California, United States
ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: Founded in 1993 as a “grassroots” non-profit organization by Chris Shoemaker, Suzanne Shoemaker and Patte Dee McKee (still active directors), IFFF formed to exhibit and advocate for the production of family films – a driving purpose that continues today. Originally established in the City of Santa Clarita, a suburb of north Los Angeles County that is rich with film history and lore dating back to the silent picture era, Santa Clarita continues to host the filming of a large number of feature films, popular television series and many commercials and industrial films.

“Finding Harmony” to Open International Family Film Festival in Hollywood

“Finding Harmony” to Open International Family Film Festival in Hollywood

finding harmony

The feature film Finding Harmony will open the 2014 International Family Film Festival in Hollywood on Friday, November 7th, 2014.  Finding Harmony, which was also an Official Selection at Indianapolis’ Heartland Film Festival,  is the story of Sam (Alison Eastwood) who returns home after the passing of her estranged father and legendary music producer JT Grayson (Ed Bruce). 

As if dealing with her rebellious teenage daughter, Harmony (Anna Margaret), wasn’t enough, upon arrival she discovers that her ex-husband, country rock star Casey Colter (Billy Zane), is already there and stirring things up. With the fate of JT’s legacy hanging in the balance this broken family must decide whether they will continue to live in the past or let the music and the beauty of the Alabama summer heal them.