Nottingham International Film Festival

NAME OF FESTIVAL: Nottingham International Film Festival
SINCE: 2016
WHERE: Nottingham, United Kingdom
ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: The very first Nottingham International film Festival will take place throughout the city over a three day weekend from the 7th to the 9th of October 2016, which will be centred at the city’s fabled art deco cinema ‘The Savoy’.
Nottingham’s moto of ‘virtue outlives death’ is as bold as the many stories that have been told about this world famous city. Its rich history of story will be at the very core of a film festival that will seek out the most amazing narratives from around the world. With an ambition to match its creative past, NottIFF is steadfast and determined to make its international film festival one that can stand up and be counted alongside any of the richest and established that already exist on the planet.

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