Worldeaf (WORLDEAF) Cinema Festival (WDCF)

NAME OF FESTIVAL: Worldeaf (WORLDEAF) Cinema Festival (WDCF)

SINCE: 2010

WHERE: Washington, DC


Gallaudet University hosted the WORLDEAF Cinema Festival (WDCF). The four-day event provided a forum for filmmakers and scholars to explore the unique perspectives brought to the art of filmmaking by deaf and hard of hearing people, as well as by hearing filmmakers whose works reflect deaf themes.

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Gallaudet University in DC Hosts WORLDEAF Cinema Festival

The nominations are in for WORLDEAF Cinema Festival’s (WDCF) filmmaker award competition taking place Nov. 4 through 7 at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C.  Out of a staggering 173 submissions from 132 filmmakers from 30 countries, the 11-member judging committee has selected 17 films from seven countries.  A complete list of the nominated films is below. Films were submitted in five professional categories, including Best Narrative, Best Documentary, Best Short, Best Mini-15 and Best Film […]