DIRECTOR(S): Rob Stefaniuk

STARRING: Al Mukadam, Barbara Mamabolo, Chad Connell, David Reale, Kerr Hewitt, Natalie Lisinska, Jessica Huras, Craig Arnold, Pauline Wong, Amanda Joy, Saad Siddiqui

GENRE: Drama Film

SYNOPSIS: It’s like Tron in the era of “Farmville.” This vibrantly colorful yet dark comedy set in a virtual reality game where everything is for sale and nothing has value, is a surreal fantasy about the corruption of consumerism and the shifting nature of reality. Ivan, a computer programmer, creates a perfect virtual world for his comatose mother on life support, but once he runs out of grant money, he is forced to sell advertising to keep the system operational. The program begins to malfunction with Ivan and his co-workers trapped inside. Aesthetically stylized like a series of shopping catalogues and satirizing all the marketing tricks in the book, this wildly creative film is a shrewd indictment of our modern society’s fascination with simulated social networks and confidence in false advertising.