Artifishal (2019)

Artifishal (2019)


DIRECTOR(S): Josh Murphy

STARRING: Ken Balcomb, Kurt Beardslee, April Bencze

GENRE: Documentary Film

SYNOPSIS: Wild salmon are on the verge of extinction despite a herculean effort by government agencies, big business, and tax payer-funded schemes. While it was originally thought that farm-raised salmon were the cure, it turns out that a myriad of issues (including weakened genetic makeup and aggressive farm-raised fish who battle and overtake their naturally-raised brethren for territory) have been a bigger disruption to the ecosystem than ever imagined. Now the alarm is being raised by environmentalists, tribal elders, and fishermen: the issues and frustrations facing fishing communities worldwide can no longer be ignored, and action must be taken before it’s too late. As a town that is also confronting issues of watershed restoration, the topics tackled here are alarmingly relevant to Traverse City’s own waterways.