Billie and Emma

Billie and Emma


DIRECTOR(S): Samantha Lee

STARRING: Gabby Padilla, Zar Donato, Beauty Gonzalez

GENRE: Romance Film

SYNOPSIS: Set in the ‘90s, Billie and Emma explores the turbulent nature of young love and the importance of having someone to laugh with through it all. After getting into trouble, Billie finds herself exiled to the rural plains to live with her aunt. She decides to keep a low profile, determined to make it through the last year of high school incident free and return to the city. And her plan almost works, until she meets star student Emma. Emma coaxes Billie out of her shell and their relationship soon becomes more than friendly, which throws a wrench into Billie’s plan to leave, and threatens to tarnish Emma’s star reputation. Things become even more complicated when Emma finds out that she’s pregnant.