Cubby (2019)

Cubby (2019)


DIRECTOR(S): Mark Blane, Ben Mankoff

STARRING: Mark Blane, Lucy DeVito, Patricia Richardson, Pete Y. Kim

GENRE: Comedy Film

SYNOPSIS: When scruffy man-child artist Mark Nabel (played by Blane) arrives in Brooklyn to begin an art gallery job that he’s invented to fool his mother, he’s forced to take a job babysitting a six-year-old in order to pay the rent. As Mark develops his nurturing side, doing his best to protect his charge from bullies, he comes to terms with his sexual and romantic interests, particularly his encounters with Leather-Man (Christian Patrick of Interior. Leather Bar and fame), a fantasy figure he meets in a neighbourhood park. With humour that’s both gentle and acerbic, Cubby captures the difficulties, and the opportunities that come from being a complicated person in a complicated world.