Rewind (2019)


DIRECTOR(S): Sasha Joseph Neulinger

GENRE: Documentary Film

SYNOPSIS: This could be the most powerful and effecting film you will see all year. In this raw and unflinching personal narrative, director Sasha Joseph Neulinger explores the vile and vicious cycle of childhood abuse that has plagued his family for generations. Through remarkable home video footage taken by his camera obsessed father and later Sasha himself, we see for ourselves, with all too heartbreaking clarity, as Sasha goes from a freckled, vivacious little boy who loved everyone and everything, to an angry and withdrawn young man, and the mystery behind his suffering unravels . This uncommonly brave film is a moving exploration of how deeply abuse affects children and reframes their world. And there’s also the heroism in Sasha’s story—and his ongoing work to improve how the criminal justice system handles abuse cases —that offers us an unforgettable portrait of healing.