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Atlanta Businessman and Real Estate Investor, Duane Dixon of Imagery Films, will debut Rendezvous, his first of many feature films in Atlanta this spring. After watching the real estate market unravel, Dixon chose to diversify his business interests and pursue a lifelong dream of writing and directing his own film.

Born in Queens in 1967, Dixon says at an early age he knew he wanted to be involved in entertainment. “My parents surrounded me with music and the arts,” he says. “I regularly attended concerts, films and Broadway plays like The Wiz, Raisin in the Sun and Don’t Bother Me I can’t Cope.”

Now that he’s written, produced and directed his first film Rendezvous, Duane Dixon acknowledges he’s only just begun.  The movie is set in the heart of Atlanta involving three loving couples in different phases of their relationships, but what looks picture perfect is only the calm before the storm. Each couple represents one of the three primary reasons Dixon feels couples usually stray; love, lust or neglect. When asked why a movie like Rendezvous? Dixon states, “People love romance; and relationships are at the heart of who we are. Secondly, infidelity is universal and I felt a diverse cast would best reflect that. And lastly, the very nature of the subject usually involves drama, and what better way to engage an audience than to combine that with dramatic twists, unexpected turns with a dose of humor and three unpredictable endings?”

With an accomplished and talented cast that has starred in films produced by Tyler Perry, Lion’s Gate including Barbershop 2, Prison Break, One Life to Live and Army Wives among others, Rendezvous immediately draws the audience in and keeps their attention by placing them front and center of complicated relationship dynamics with intense drama, suspense and shock. If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of a gripping, passionate drama, then Rendezvous provides that opportunity.

The anticipated release of Rendezvous is set for April 21, 2011 in Atlanta.

[via press release]

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