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We here at Vimooz just love it when an incredibly hard-working player from the independent film scene crosses over into the big-time, especially when you it’s someone who will keep their sense of humor, soul and integrity intact. That is why we are pushing for John Hawkes to win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar this weekend for his role as “Tear Drop” in this year’s little indie-that-really-did-it:  Winter’s Bone.

I have had the pleasure of meeting him in LA- and he is a classic Renaissance Man from that Sam Shepherd School of Badass: He has a kick-ass band, (“King Straggler”) has been making movies for twenty years, a beautiful girlfriend that sings with him, and stars in both HBO and Showtime series (Deadwood and Eastbound and Down, as well as some wonderful independent films (Me You and Everyone We Know, the upcoming Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene) all while managing to keep his impeccable, perfectly sexy indie cred.

We love him for sticking it out, for being such a terrific, soulful actor, and for staying so very true to himself, whether he’s co-starring in American Gangster or The Perfect Storm. He radiates kindness and an incredibly sweet, genuine affability in person, yet can portray the most vicious, the most truly lost and wayward of characters onscreen. We love you, John Hawkes, for showing us that good things can come to those who (work hard and) wait, and for dispelling the rumor that nice guys always have to finish last. That they can actually have a really great time, as they bust through the gold ribbon at that grand finish line. Break a leg, John! Do it for us, and never stop running! You deserve it, man.

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