“Lost in Buenos Aires,” an independent documentary fiction film by Michael Solton and Carlos Asseph, will premiere at the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival, South Carolina on April 20th.

Shot in both Hollywood and Buenos Aires with direct sound, no artificial lightning, and non-professional actors; “Lost in Buenos Aires,” a full feature mockumentary film, is a spoof on the American relentless pursuit of happiness and oneself.

Mike Dalton, the owner of a restaurant and online travel guide in Los Angeles, seemingly has it all. Yet the big house, fancy car and model friends does not seem to fulfill him anymore.  A life so good sucks after all, and not having become truly rich and famous worldwide just adds to his frustration. He decides to move to Buenos Aires, Argentina to start over and try to make it “big” there. But the economical collapse will bring a challenge or two.

“We explored a storyline being open-minded to the circumstances,” explained director Carlos Asseph, “and the doc-fic technique allowed us to create story that evolved the main lead in a constant passage from ‘living’ to ‘acting.’ Making ‘Lost in Buenos Aires’ was an active process investigating the boundary between the two.”


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