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Twenty Feet from Stardom

Miami International Film Festival (MIFF) announced the films selected to screen during its 30th edition which runs March 1 -10, 2013. Premiering at this year’s Festival will be 117 feature films and 12 short films from 41 countries.

This is the first year in MIFF’s history that the Festival will open and close with documentary features. The Festival will open with RADiUS-TWC’s Twenty Feet from Stardom directed by Morgan Neville and close with Venus and Serena directed by Maiken Baird & Michelle Major. 

The Festival will honor two “remarkable” directors with Career Achievement Tributes: Swedish writer-director Lasse Hallström (My Life as a Dog, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape) and Spanish producer, writer, and Oscar-winning director Fernando Trueba (Belle Epoque, Chico & Rita). The Festival will screen the directors’ latest works including The Hypnotist (Hyponotisören) by Hallström and The Artist and the Model (El Artista y La Modelo) by Trueba. The Artist and the Model received 13 Goya nominations this year, including Best Picture and Best Director.

Miami International Film Festival’s 30th edition lineup:

Festival Competition Categories:

Knight Ibero-American Competition consists of dramatic works from Latin America, Spain and Portugal, as well as Latino-themed works produced in the United States. The films are competing for $40,000 in prizes courtesy of James L. & John S. Knight Foundation, and a $5,000 Screenwriting Award from the Jordan A. Ressler Foundation. The 10 films competing in this category include:

Everybody Has A Plan (Todos tenemos un plan) (Spain/Argentina /Germany, directed by Ana Piterbarg)

Cinco De Mayo: The Battle (Mexico, directed by Rafa Lara)

Dust (Polvo) (Guatemala, directed by Julio Hernández Cordón)

 Gone Fishing (Días de pesca) (Argentina, directed by Carlos Sorín)

A Gun in Each Hand (Una pistola en cada mano) (Spain, directed by Cesc Gay)

Marriage (Matrimonio) (Argentina, directed by Carlos Jaureguialzo)

The Moving Creatures (O Que Se Move) (Brazil, directed by Caetano Gotardo)

So Much Water (Tanta agua) (Uruguay/Mexico/Netherlands, directed by Ana Guevara & Leticia Jorge)

Thesis On A Homicide (Tesis sobre un homicidio) (Spain/Argentina, directed by Hernán A. Golfrid)

Vinyl Days (Días de vinilo) (Argentina/Colombia, directed by Gabriel Nesci)

Knight Documentary Competition consists of engaging and thought-provoking feature-length documentaries created by international filmmakers that examine social issues, diverse cultures, icons and inspiring people. The films are competing for $10,000 courtesy of the Knight Foundation. The 10 films competing in this category include:

 Viva Cuba Libre: Rap Is War (USA, directed by Jesse Acevedo)

 Blackfish (USA, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite)

The Crash Reel (USA, directed by Lucy Walker)

 Cubamerican (USA, directed by Jose Enrique Pardo

 Far Out Isn’t Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story (USA, directed by Brad Bernstein)

Gideon’s Army (USA, directed by Dawn Porter)

Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation (Sagrada: El misteri de la creació) (Switzerland, directed by Stefan Haupt)

Valentine Road (USA, directed by Marta Cummingham)

Which Way Is the Front Line From Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington (USA, directed by Sebastian Junger)

Who Is Dayani Cristal? (United Kingdom/Mexico, directed by Marc Silver)

Lexus Ibero-American Opera Prima Competition consists of first-time feature filmmakers from Spain, Portugal and Latin America that are competing for a $5,000 cash prize presented by Lexus. Films competing in this category include:

The Boy Who Smells Like Fish (Mexico/Canada, directed by Analeine Cal y Mayor)

 Edificio Royal (Colombia/Venezuela/Germany, directed by Iván Wild)

Good Luck, Sweetheart (Boa Sorte, Meu Amor) (Brazil, directed by Daniel Aragão)

 Miguel, San Miguel (Chile, directed by Matías Cruz)

 Molasses (Melaza) (Cuba/France/Panama, directed by Carlos Días Lechuga)

No Autumn, No Spring (Sin otoño, sin primavera) (Ecuador/Colombia/France, directed by Iván Mora)

 Solo (Uruguay/Argentina/Netherlands/France, directed by Guillermo Rocamora)

The Swimming Pool (La piscina) (Cuba/Venezuela directed by Carlos Machado Quintela)

Villegas (Argentina/Netherlands/France, directed by Gonzalo Tobal)

University of Miami Shorts Competition will present the latest in short films from around the globe. The jury selected winner will a receive $2,500 cash prize. Films competing in this category include:

 9 Meter (Denmark, directed by Anders Walter)

 Anna and Jerome (Anna et Jérôme) (France, directed by Mélanie Delloye)

Ebb & Flow (A Onda Traz, O Vento Leva) (Brazil/Spain, directed by Gabriel Mascaro)

Edmond Was A Donkey (Edmond Était Un Âne) (Canada/France, directed by Franck Dion)

Eleven: Twelve (USA/Portugal, directed by JC Barros)

Lost Country (USA, directed by Heather Burky)

Of Other Carnivals (De Outros Carnavais) (Brazil, directed by Paulo Miranda)

Palmipedarium (France, directed by Jérémy Clapin)

Skunk (Rotkop) (Belgium, directed by Jan Roosens & Raf Roosens)

Festival Non-Competition Categories:



Amor Cronico (USA/Cuba, directed by Jorge Perrugorría)

The Artist and the Model (Spain, directed by Fernando Trueba)

The Boy Who Smells Like Fish (Canada/ Mexico, directed by Analeine Cal y Mayor)

Dark Blood (Netherlands, directed by George Sluizer)

Eenie Meenie Miney Moe (USA, directed by Jokes Yanes)

The Hunt (Jagten) (Denmark, directed by Thomas Vinterberg)

The Hypnotist (Sweden, directed by Lasse Hallström)

 NO (Chile/USA, directed by Pablo Larraín) *2013 Oscar Nominated for Best Foreign Film

RADiUS-TWC’s Twenty Feet from Stardom (USA, directed by Morgan Neville)

Venus and Serena (USA, directed by Maiken Baird and Michelle Major)

Cinema 360° presented by VIENDOMOVIES is one of the Festival’s most extensive categories this year with an array of films from around the world.

7 Boxes (7 Cajas) (Paraguay, directed by Juan Carlos Maneglia & Tana Schémbori)

A Perfect Plan (Un Plan Parfait) (France, directed by Pascal Chaumeil)

After Lucia (Después de Lucia) (Mexico, directed by Michel Franco)

Capadocia 3 (Mexico/USA, directed by Pedro Pablo Ibarra, Javier Patrón, Moises Urquidi & Carlos Carrera)

Calloused Hands (USA, directed by Jesse Quiñones)

Comrade Kim Goes Flying (Belgium/United Kingdom/D.P.R of Korea, directed by Anja Daelemans, Nicholas Bonner, & Kim Gwang-hun)

Day of The Flowers (United Kingdom, directed by John Roberts)

Dead Europe (Australia/United Kingdom, directed by Tony Krawitz)

The Deep (Djúpid) (Iceland/Norway, directed by Baltasar Kormákur)

Dormant Beauty (Bella Addormentata) (Italy/France directed by Marco Bellocchio)

The End (Fin) (Spain, directed by Jorge Torregrossa )

Everyday (United Kingdom, directed by Michael Winterbottom)

Fill The Void (Lemale Et Ha’Halal) (Israel, directed by Rama Burshtein)

The German Friend (El amigo alemán) (Germany/ Argentina, directed by Jeanine Meerapfel)

Ghost Graduation (Promoción fantasm) (Spain, directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera)

Hand in Hand (France, directed by Valérie Donzelli)

Hannah Arendt (Germany/Luxembourg/France, directed by Margareta von Trotta)

It Was the Son (E’Stato Mio Figlio) (Italy, directed by Daniele Cipri)

 Measuring the World (Die Vermessung Der Welt) (Germany, directed by Detlev Buck)

Mental (USA/Australia, directed by P.J. Hogan)

Nairobi Half Life (Kenya/Germany, directed by Tosh Gitonga)

Oh Boy (Germany, directed by Jan Ole Gerster)

Paradise: Love (Paradies: Liebe) (Austria/Germany/France, directed by Ulrich Seidl)

Red Wine (Vino Tinto) (USA, directed by Carlos Gutierrez)

Patience Stone (Syngu’e Sabour) (Afghanistan, directed by Atiq Rahimi)

Reality (Italy/France, directed by Matteo Garrone)

Still Mine (Canada, directed by Michael McGowan)

The Trip 2 (El paseo 2) (Colombia, directed by Harold Trompetero)

White Elephant (Elefante blanco) (Argentina/Spain, directed by Pablo Trapero)

Spotlight on China

Beijing Flickers (You-Zhong)  (China, directed by Zhang Yuan)

Full Circle (Fei Yue Lao Ren Yan) (China, directed by Zhang Yang)

Romancing in Thin Air (Gao Hai Bazhi Lian II) (China/Hong Kong, directed by Johnnie To)

See Voir Veo CANADA

Camion (Canada, directed by Rafaël Ouellet)

L’Affaire Dumont (Canada, directed by Daniel Grou)

Laurence Anyways (Canada/France, directed by Xavier Dolan)

4 Directors to Watch

A World Not Ours (United Kingdom/Lebanon/Denmark, directed by Mahdi Fleifel)

Blondie (Sweden, directed by Jesper Ganslandt)

The Future (Il Futuro) (Chile/Italy/Germany/ Spain, directed by Alicia Scherson)

Three Kids (Twa Timoun) (Belgium/Haiti, directed by Jonas D’Adesky)


Amazon Gold (USA, directed by Reuben Aaronson)

Bay of all Saints (Da Maré) (USA/Brazil, directed by Annie Eastman)

Casting By (USA, directed by Tom Donahue)

Liv & Ingmar (Czech Republic/India/Norway, directed by Dheeraj Akolkar)

No Place on Earth (USA, United Kingdom, Germany, directed by Janet Tobias)

Ping Pong (United Kingdom, directed by Hugh Hartford)

Florida Focus presented by FPL

Calloused Hands (USA, directed by Jesse Quiñones)

Pincus (USA, directed by David Fenster)

Red Wine (Vino Tinto) (USA, directed by Carlos Gutierrez)

Tony Tango (USA, directed by Manola Celí)

Lee Brian Schrager’s Culinary Cinema

Meat Hooked (USA, directed by Suzanne Wasserman)

Oma & Bella (Germany/USA, directed by Alexa Karolinski)

Why Did You Leave? (Por Que Voc? Partiu?) (Brazil, directed by Eric Belhassem)

Family Day

 Magic Camp (USA, directed by Judd Ehrlich)

The Croods (USA, directed by Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders)

REEL Music

Someone Else’s Bed (USA, directed by Maggy Torres-Rodriguez)

Turning (Denmark/USA, directed by Charles Atlas)

America the Beautiful

At Any Price (USA, directed by Ramin Bahrani)

The Discoverers (USA, directed by Justin Schwarz)

The Go Doc Project (USA, directed by Cory James Krueckeberg)

The Hot Flashes (USA, directed by Susan Seidelman)


Bob Wilson’s Life and Death of Marina Abramovic (United Kingdom/Spain, directed by Giada Colagrande)

The Fifth Season (La Cinquieme Saison) (Belgium/Netherlands/France, directed by Peter Brosens & Jessica Woodworth)

Leviathan (France/United Kingdom/USA, directed by Lucien Castain-Taylor & Vérena Paravel)

Multiple Visions, The Crazy Machine (Miradas múltiples, la máquina loca) (Mexico/France/Spain, directed by Emilio Maille)

Post Tenebras Lux (Mexico/France/Netherlands/Germany, directed by Carlos Reygadas)

Rio 2096:A Story of Love and Fury (Uma História de Amor E Fúria) (Brazil, directed by Luiz Bolognesi)

Sadourni’s Butterflies (Las mariposas ee Sadourni) (Argentina, directed by Darío Nardi)

From The Vault

Au Hasard Balthazar (France/Sweden, directed by Robert Bresson)

The Super (El Super) (USA, directed by Leon Ichaso & Orlando Jiménez-Leal)

The Yellow Ticket (USA, directed by Victor Janson & Eugen Illés)

Zoo (USA, directed by Frederick Wiseman)


Animals (Spain, directed by Marçal Forés)

Errors of the Human Body (Germany/USA, directed by Eron Sheean)

Halley (Mexico, directed by Sebastian Houfmann)

Pietá (D.P.R of Korea, directed by Kim Ki-duk)

The Midnight Game (USA, directed by Alejandro Calvo)

Sanitarium (USA, directed by Bryan Ramirez, Bryan Ortiz & Kerry Valderrama)

Would You Rather (USA, directed by David Guy Levy)


Spotlight on FilmMovement: The Festival will be celebrating FilmMovement’s 10th anniversary and honoring their commitment to cinema outside of commercial commitments with three films.

Broken (United Kingdom, directed by Rufus Norris)

The Deflowering of Eva Van End (De Ontmaagding Van Eva Van End) (Netherlands, directed by Michiel ten Horn)

La Sirga (Colombia, directed by William Vega)

Other Notables Highlights During the Festival week:

The 30th edition of Miami International Film Festival runs March 1-10, 2013.

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