The 2014 International Film Festival Rotterdam will close on Saturday February 1st with the Dutch premiere of WE ARE THE BEST!, the latest film by Swedish director Lukas Moodysson (FUCKING ÅMÅL, MAMMOTH).  Based on his wife’s graphic novel, Moodysson (1969, Malmö) made what is described as a wonderfully anarchistic yet authentic portrait of three teenage girls wanting to start a punk band in Stockholm.

Bobo, Klara en Hedvig decide to form a punk band in the early eighties to air their grievances against society, with meaningful songtitles like Brezhnev and Reagan, Fuck Off!. Moodysson portrays the turbulent punk era with lots of humor and energy. People of all ages can identify with these girls, who insist on not being a girl band, connected by their insecurities, embarrassing parents, unrequited love and feeling left out.

Director and writer Lukas Moodysson made his writing debut at at the age of seventeen with an anthology of poetry. In 1999 he made his very successful first feature film Fucking Åmål, which screened at IFFR. Rotterdam also showed Together (2000), Lilya 4-Ever (2002), A Hole in my Heart (2004) and Container(2006).

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