Edie directed by Simon Hunter; starring Sheila Hancock and Kevin Guthrie,
Edie directed by Simon Hunter; starring Sheila Hancock and Kevin Guthrie,

After her husband dies, an elderly woman embarks on a trip to fulfill her longtime dream of climbing a mountain in Edie, the uplifting feature film directed by Simon Hunter (Lighthouse, Mutant Chronicles), and starring British actress Sheila Hanc (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Carry On Cleo). The film will receive a theatrical release this fall followed by a home entertainment release via Music Box Films.

Filmed on location in Sutherland, Scotland, Edie tells the story of a recent widow who is about to be forced into a retirement home where she will end the last chapter in her life. While it feels like the beginning of the end, Edie’s biggest regret haunts her as well as pushes her to plan a climbing trip at the age of 83.

Edie premiered at the 2017 Edinburgh International Film Festival, won the special Jury Award at the Nordic Adventure Film Festival in Copenhagen and the 2018 Berkshire International Film Festival as well as the International Narrative Competition at the 2018 Cleveland International Film Festival. The film was a summer sleeper hit in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and The Netherlands.

Actress Sheila Hanc’s extensive career spans 50 years in theatre, radio, television, and film. She was nominated for two BAFTA awards (“Bedtime” and “The Russian Bride”) and honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Women in Film and Television. Hanc has performed in many Shakespeare plays including Romeo And Juliet, A Midsummer’s Night Dream and The Winter’s Tale.

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