The Wild Goose Lake directed by Diao Yinan
The Wild Goose Lake directed by Diao Yinan

Film Movement release the official trailer for The Wild Goose Lake, the noir crime thriller from director Diao Yinan (Black Coal, Thin Ice). The Wild Goose Lake which premiered at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival is billed as the follow-up to Yinan’s Black Coal, Thin Ice – winner of the Golden Bear at the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival. Featuring gorgeous, neon-drenched cinematography and bursts of shocking, expertly choreographed action; and starring Hu Ge, Gwei Lun Mei, Liao Fan, Wan Qian, Qi Dao, the film will open in select theaters on March 6th, 2020.

When small-time mob leader Zhou Zenong (Chinese superstar Hu Ge) accidentally kills a cop, a dead-or-alive bounty is placed on his head, forcing him on the lam from both the police as well as dangerous gangsters out for the reward. Hiding out in China’s densely populated (and deeply divided) Wuhan province, Zhou becomes entangled with a beautiful, enigmatic woman, who has mysterious intentions of her own.

The Wild Goose Lake – Official U.S. Trailer
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