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Andreea Răducan in The Golden Girl

Fifteen years after the loss of her Olympic gold medal in Sydney, gymnast Andreea Răducan seeks answers to what happened in The Golden Girl releasing digitally on September 1st via Syndicado.

Andreea Răducan is a successful 32-year-old woman and one of Romania’s greatest gymnasts. She worked all her life to become an Olympic champion, and when she finally won the all-round Olympic gold medal in Sydney in 2000, she was stripped of it 3 days later, after being found positive for a doping substance found in a flu tablet that her doctor had administered to her just minutes before entering the competition. Fifteen years later, Andreea is fighting the toughest fight against the people who deceived her, as she tries to recover her medal and, along with it, her dignity. But along the way, the film uncovers another side of the medal, the trauma and the effort, the sweat and the pain behind the glitter of a gold medal and the glamour of being a champion.

The Golden Girl is the feature-length directorial debut by Denisa Morariu-Tamaș and Adrian Robe. The film was produced by Edmont Media in co-production with Monogram Film and HBO Europe and was an official selection of the 2019 Sarajevo Film Festival and Astra Film Festival.

About the directors

Denisa Morariu-Tamas has ten years-long experience in television reportage and documentaries. She is has received five gold medals at the New York Festival World’s Best Television and Film, for her TV documentaries, and an EMMY nomination for Best Current Affairs documentary, in 2014. 

Adrian Robe 
has been working in television since 1993 as an editor and producer. Adrian has produced over 20 shows for all major television stations in Romania and has written the first television format to be sold across Romania in over 20 countries, with the “Miss Country Girl” program already produced and broadcast in Thailand and Ukraine. 

The Golden Girl trailer for Astra Film Festival

About Syndicado

Syndicado is a digital distribution and sales company with a head office in  Toronto, Canada and a presence in the USA and Europe. Since its inception in 2009 Syndicado has released over 5,000 hours of films and TV series across the leading North American cable and VOD retailers.

In 2014 the company expanded to theatrical releasing, and in 2016 the company launched a documentary focused sales agency, Syndicado Film Sales, which acquires up to 12 films per year and attends all major international film festivals and markets.

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