Honey Bee directed by Rama Rau
Honey Bee directed by Rama Rau

Honey Bee is a dramatic thriller that shines light on marginalized young girls lured into human trafficking rings. The film directed by award-winning documentarian-turned-narrative filmmaker Rama Rau (“League of Exotique Dancers,” “No Place to Hide,” “The Market”) and starring Julia Sarah Stone (“Allure,” “Wet Bum,” “Weirdos,” “The Killing”) in the title role of “Honey Bee,” for which she won a Leo Award, will be released on all major VOD platforms starting November 10 via Syndicado.

Rounding out the stellar cast are Emmy-winner Martha Plimpton (“Frozen 2,” “The Good Wife,” “Raising Hope,” “The Goonies”), Peter Outerbridge (“The Expanse,” “Designated Survivor”, “Orphan Black”), Steven Love (“Bellevue,” “Joseph and Mary,” “Across the Line”), Connor Price (“X Company,” “Being Human,” “Cinderella Man”), Michelle McLoed (“Don’t Talk to Irene”) and Sofia Banzhaf (“Closet Monster,” “Reign”).

Honey Bee is the recipient of multiple awards including Winner, Best Feature, Whistler Film Festival and Winner, EDA Award for Best Female Directed Feature Film presented by The Alliance of Woman Female Journalists, among others.

Honey Bee is an unpredictable tale of survival that follows the journey of quick-witted Natalie “Honey Bee” Sorensen (Stone), an underage truck stop sex worker ensnared by her ruthless Romeo-pimp boyfriend, Ryan (Love). Unwittingly, she is taken into foster care with her new family, headed by Louise (Plimpton) and Christian (Outerbridge), in a remote rural area where she discovers there might be more to life than the hand she’s been dealt.

Director Rama Rau is a Canadian Screen Award-nominated writer-director whose works feature strong female roles. Well known for her daring choice of subject matter and ability to interest funders in her unique storytelling methods, Rau has paved a path for herself as a director, moving between fiction and documentary. Her film “League Of Exotique Dancers” opened Hot Docs in 2016 to rave reviews. Her previous film “No Place To Hide,” a film on teen cyberbullying, was voted an Audience Award-winner in 2015. The United Nations has invited her most recent documentary “The Daughter Tree” to be screened at multiple cities across Europe.

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