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Uprising by Steve McQueen and James Rogan
Uprising by Steve McQueen and James Rogan

Sheffield DocFest announced their 2021 full program including the World Premiere of Uprising, by Steve McQueen and James Rogan. Uprising is a vivid and visceral three-part series which examines three events from 1981: in January, the New Cross Fire which killed 13 black teenagers; in March, Black People’s Action Day, which saw more than 20,000 people join the first organized mass protest by black British people; and then the Brixton riots in April.

The 28th edition of the festival takes place June 4 – 13 in Sheffield, in cinemas across the UK, and online.

Other films include include the European Premiere of My Name is Pauli Murray by Betsy West and Julie Cohen, who will be the subjects of this year’s BAFTA Masterclass, and the UK premiere of The First 54 Years by Avi Mograbi, a timely and critical focus on the history of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

The festival will also include premieres from Dan Reed, Julien Faraut, Kazuo Hara, Kim O’Bomsawin, Luke Holland, Lynne Sachs, Mania Akbari, Paula Gaitán, Philippe Béziat, Rosine Mbakam, Theo Anthony, Vincent Carelli, Vitaly Mansky, Vivian Ostrovsky, Yael Bartana and Yaël Abecassis.

Cíntia Gil, Festival Director said; “We are very proud to present a program that brings together a multitude of forms, landscapes and visions, with a myriad of incredible talent to whom we deeply thank for their trust. We are excited about holding this festival in a way that welcomes everyone – in Sheffield, in cinemas across the UK, and online. The importance and urgency of cinema has only grown since we last saw a film on the big screen.”

SHEFFIELD DOCFEST 2021 – Full Program

Opening Film
Summer of Soul, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, USA, 2021, 117’ – European Premiere

Closing Film
The Story of Looking, Mark Cousins, UK, 2021, 90’ – World Premiere

International Competition

Gestures and visions that are unique, precise and transformative, where the individual and the collective intertwine and question each other, either through delicate poetic strategies, or through bold and affirming confrontations.

Charm Circle, Nira Burstein, USA, 2021, 79’ – World Premiere

Nũhũ Yãg Mũ Yõg Hãm: This Land Is Our Land! (Nũhũ Yãg Mũ Yõg Hãm: Essa Terra É Nossa!), Isael Maxakali, Sueli Maxakali, Carolina Canguçu, Roberto Romero, Brazil, 2020, 70’ – International Premiere

White on White (Bílá na bílé), Viera Čákanyová, Czech Republic/Slovakia, 2020 74’ – International Premiere

My Dear Spies (Mes chers espions), Vladimir Léon, France, 2020, 134’ – UK Premiere

From the 84 Days, Philipp Hartmann, Germany, Bolivia, 2021, 105’ – World Premiere

Equatorial Constellations (Constelações Equatoriais), Silas Tiny, Portugal/São Tomé/Príncipe, 2021, 106’ – World Premiere

Rancho, Pedro Speroni, Argentina, 2021 72’ – International Premiere

Factory to the Workers (Tvornice Radnicima), Srđan Kovačević, Croatia, 2021, 105’ – World Premiere

Double Layered Town / Making a Song to Replace Our Positions (Niju no machi / Kotaichi no uta o amu), Komori Haruka & Seo Natsumi, Japan, 2020, 78’ – International Premiere

This Stained Dawn, Anam Abbas, Pakistan, 2021, 89’ – World Premiere

Summer (ЛЕТО), Vadim Kostrov, Russia, 2021, 109’ – World Premiere

UK Competition

From the Amazon to Iraq, the mountains of Cromarty to South London, via the streets of Liverpool and the River Severn, this selection of films contributes in rich ways to the future UK and international film landscape.

The Elvermen, Isla Badenoch, United Kingdom, 2021, 14’ – World Premiere

In The Space You Left, Christine Saab, United Kingdom, 2021, 23’ – World Premiere

Ali and His Miracle Sheep, Maythem Ridha, Iraq, United Kingdom,2021, 25’ – World Premiere

Cold Stack, Frank Martin, United Kingdom, 2021, 12’ – World Premiere

The Return, Eriberto Gualinga, Ecuador, United Kingdom, 2021, 17’ – World Premiere

RIP SENI, Daisy Ifama, United Kingdom, 2021, 20’ – World Premiere

Don McCullin: Almost Liverpool 8, Daniel Draper, Allan Melia, United Kingdom, 2021, 89’ – World Premiere

The Battle of Denham Ford, Rob Curry, Tim Plester, United Kingdom, 2021, 27’ – World Premiere

Portrait of Kaye, Ben Reed, United Kingdom, 2021, 59’ – World Premiere

Alive, Makeda Matheson, United Kingdom, 2021, 11’ – World Premiere

Songs For The River, Charlotte Ginsborg, United Kingdom, 2021, 71’ – World Premiere

Madness Remixed, Rhea Storr, United Kingdom, 2021, 11’ – World Premiere

CAUGHT (CAER), Nicola Mai, United Kingdom, 2020, 61’ – European Premiere

The Quintessence, Pamela Breda, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, United States, Italy, 2021, 108’ – World Premiere

Special Screenings

Uprising, Steve McQueen, James Rogan, United Kingdom, 2021, 60’ – World Premiere

Where Did The World Go, Brian Hill, United Kingdom, 2021, 76’ – World Premiere

My Childhood, My Country – 20 Years in Afghanistan, Phil Grabsky, Shoaib Sharifi, United Kingdom, Afghanistan, 2021, 90’ – World Premiere

9/11: One Day in America, Daniel Bogado, United Kingdom, 2020, 76’ – UK Premiere

Sing, Freetown, Clive Patterson, United States, United Kingdom, 2021, 94’ – World Premiere

Surviving 9/11 (Working Title), Arthur Cary, United Kingdom, 2021, 89’ – World Premiere

Film & Arts Programme Talks

BBC Interview: David Olusoga – in Sheffield + livestream

The Story of Looking: In Conversation with Mark Cousins (The Story of Looking) – in Sheffield + livestream

BAFTA Masterclass: Betsy West & Julie Cohen (My Name is Pauli Murray) – online

The Art of Staging Reality: Marc Isaacs in Conversation with Jon Bang Carlsen – in Sheffield + livestream

Emily Chao & Al Wong in Conversation – Dialogues arts exhibition – online

Alba Sotorra and Maya Foa (executive director, Reprieve) in The Return: Life after ISIS – Reframing the Narrative – online

Campbell X in Reframing our Desires (Destroy | Disturb | Disrupt – Decolonizing Queer Desire – film strand) – online

So Real it Hurts: In Conversation with Lydia Lunch (The War Is Never Over) – online

Judah Attille, Zinzi Minnot, Sascha Buchanan, Yasmin Nicholas – Sonic Register: British black womxn and onscreen performativity – online

Between Reminiscence and Reactivation: a collective reflection – online

Notes from the Field: working strategies for non-fiction artists – online

How to Perform (in) a Crisis: Geraldine Snell & Mohamed Abdelkarim – online

Into the World

Delphine’s Prayers (Les Prières de Delphine), Rosine Mbakam, Belgium/Cameroon, 2021, 90’ – UK Premiere

The Return: Life After ISIS, Alba Sotorra Clua, Spain/UK, 2021, 85’ – European Premiere

Homage to the work of Philip Henry Gosse (Homenaje a la obra de Philip Henry Gosse), Pablo Martin Weber, Argentina, 2020, 22’ – European Premiere

Splinters (Esquirlas), Natalia Garayalde, Argentina, 2020, 70’ – UK Premiere

The World of Mindfulness (Zing Nim Sai Gaai), Ying Liang, Hong Kong, 2021, 15’ – World Premiere

Tomorrow We’ll See (Domani si vedra), Lorenzo Vitrone, Italy, 2020, 21’ – UK Premiere

If god were a woman (Si dios fuera mujer), Angélica Cervera, Colombia, 2021, 71’ – World Premiere

My Name is Pauli Murray, Betsy West, Julie Cohen, United States, 2021, 91’ – European Premiere

Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America, Emily Kunstler, Sarah Kunstler, United States, 2021, 117’ – UK Premiere

Party Line, Lydia Cornett, United States, 2020, 7’ – International Premiere

Alvorada Palace (Alvorada), Anna Muylaert, Lo Politi, Brazil, 2020, 80’ – European Premiere

In The Shadow Of 9/11, Dan Reed, United States, Haiti, Dominican Republic, 2021, 110’ – World Premiere

Carlos Ghosn The Last Flight, Nick Green, France, United Kingdom, Lebanon, 2021, 99’ – World Premiere

Gorbachev. Heaven (Горбачев. Рай), Vitaly Mansky, Latvia, Czech Republic, 2020, 100’ – UK Premiere

The First 54 Years, An Abbreviated Manual for Military Occupation, Avi Mograbi, France, Finland, Israel, Germany, 2021, 110’ – UK Premiere

Final Account, Luke Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, 2019, 90’ – UK Premiere

Borderland (Grenzland), Andreas Voigt, Germany, Poland, 2020, 97’ – International Premiere

The Savior For Sale: The Story of the Salvator Mundi, Antoine Vitkine, France, 2021, 95’ – UK Premiere

MINAMATA Mandala, Kazuo Hara, Japan, 2020, 372’ – UK Premiere


The films in Rebellions illuminate cinema’s role in documenting – and tangibly contributing to – the myriad forms of resistance that continue to persist worldwide.

Ancient Sunshine, Jason Livingston, USA, 2021, 19’ – World Premiere

The Annotated Field Guide of Ulysses S. Grant, Jim Finn, United States, 2020, 60’ – UK Premiere

The silence of the Mole (El Silencio del Topo), Anais Taracena, Guatemala, 2021, 93’ – European Premiere

Riverock (É Rocha e Rio, Negro Leo), Paula Gaitán, Brazil, 2020, 157’ – UK Premiere

Just a Movement (Juste un Mouvement), Vincent Meessen, Belgium, France, 2021, 110, UK Premiere

E•pis•to•lar•y: letter to Jean Vigo, Lynne Sachs, United States, Spain, 2021, 9’ – UK Premiere

Civil War Surveillance Poems (Part 1), Mitch McCabe, United States, 2020, 15’ – UK Premiere

Two Minutes to Midnight, Yael Bartana, Germany, Netherlands, 2021, 48’ – UK Premiere

Dear Elnaz (Elnaz Jan), Mania Akbari, Canada, 2021, 83’ – UK Premiere

The Inheritance, Ephraim Asili, United States, 2020, 100’ – UK Premiere

Fixed barricade at Hamdalaye crossing (Barrage d’arrêt fixe et fermé au niveau du carrefour Hamdalaye), Thomas Bauer, Guinea, France, 2020, 70’ – International Premiere

They Won’t Call It Murder, Melissa Gira Grant, Ingrid Raphael, United States, 2021, 21’ – World Premiere

The Monopoly Of Violence (Un pays qui se tient sage), David Dufresne, France, 2020, 87’ – UK Premiere

Brazil Is Thee Haiti Is (T)here, Carlos Adriano, Brazil, 2020, 16’ – UK Premiere

Narcissus Off Duty (Narciso em Férias), Ricardo Calil, Renato Terra, Brazil, 2020, 84’ – UK Premiere

I’m Free Now, You Are Free, Ash Goh Hua, United States, 2020, 15’ – UK Premiere

MOVE: Confrontation in Philadelphia, Karen Pomer and Jane Mancini, United States, 1980, 62’ – UK Premiere

Chelas nha Kau, Bagabaga Studios, Bataclan 1950, Portugal, 2020, 57’ – International Premiere

Courage, Aliaksei Paluyan, Germany, Belarus, 2021, 89’ – UK Premiere

Rhyme & Rhythm

SON CHANT, Vivian Ostrovsky, United States, 2020, 13’ – UK Premiere

With Sonia Wieder-Atherton (Avec Sonia Wieder-Atherton), Chantal Akerman, France, 2003, 51’

Stormskater, Guen Murroni, United Kingdom, 2021, 6’ – World Premiere

Lift Like a Girl (عاش يا كابتن), Mayye Zayed, Egypt, Germany, Denmark, 2020, 92’ – UK Premiere

Lydia Lunch, The War Is Never Over, Beth B, United States, 2019, 78’ – UK Premiere

Men Who Sing, Dylan Williams, United Kingdom, 2021, 90’ – World Premiere

Shelly Belly inna Real Life, Cecilia Bengolea, France, Argentina, 2021, 24’ – UK Premiere

Alone Together, Bradley & Pablo, United States, 2020, 80’ – International Premiere

Firestarter, The Story of Bangarra, Nel Minchin, Wayne Blair, Australia, 2020, 95’ – European Premiere

Gallant Indies (Indes galantes), Philippe Béziat, France, 2020, 108’ – UK Premiere

The Witches of the Orient (Les Sorcières de l’Orient), Julien Faraut, France, 2021, 100’ – UK Premiere

BLONDIE: VIVIR EN LA HABANA, Rob Roth, United States, 2021, 18’ – UK Premiere

Soy Cubana, Jeremy Ungar, Ivaylo Getov, Cuba, United States, 2021, 80’ – International Premiere

Call Me Human (Je m’appelle humain), Kim O’Bomsawin, Canada, 2020, 78’ – UK Premiere

Maisie, Lee Cooper, United Kingdom, 2021, 76’ – World Premiere

Roses. Film, Cabaret (Рози. Фільм-кабаре), Irena Stetsenko, Ukraine, 2021, 78’ – International Premiere

King Rocker, Michael Cumming, United Kingdom, 2021, 90’ – Festival Premiere

Raymonde el Bidaoia, Yaël Abecassis, Israel, 2020, 77’ – European Premiere

Drawings of my BF, James Cooper, United Kingdom, 2021, 7, World Premiere

No Straight Lines: The Rise of Queer Comics, Vivian Kleiman, United States, 2021, 73’ – International Premiere

Ghosts & Apparitions

The Year of the White Moon (God Beloi Luni), Maxim Pechersky, Russia, 2020, 21’ – International Premiere

Golden Flask (Auksinis Flakonas), Jurgis Matulevicius, Paulius Anicas, Lithuania, 2020, 28’ – International Premiere

When We Were Bullies, Jay Rosenblatt, United States, 2021, 35’ – UK Premiere

Blue sky (Zerua Blu), Lur Olaizola Lizarralde, Spain, 2020, 14’ – International Premiere

Barataria, Julie Nguyen Van Qui, France, Spain, 2021, 49’ – World Premiere

Aphorisms of the Lake (Aforismos del Lago), Humberto González Bustillo, Venezuela, 2021, 26’ – World Premiere

Letter From Your Far-Off Country, Suneil Sanzgiri, United States, India, 2020, 18’ – UK Premiere

One Image, Two Acts (Yek Tasveer, Do Bardasht), Sanaz Sohrabi, Canada, Germany, United States, Iran, 2020, 45’ – UK Premiere

Kalsubai, Yudhajit Basu, India, 2020, 20’ – UK Premiere

Finding Aline (À la recherche d’Aline), Rokhaya Marieme Balde, Switzerland, Senegal, 2020, 27’ – UK Premiere

Saudade, Russell Adam Morton, Singapore, 2021, 20’ – International Premiere

Under The White Mask: The Film That Haesaerts Could Have Made (Onder Het Witte Masker: De Film Die Haesaerts Had Kunnen Maken), Matthias De Groof, Belgium, 2020, 9’ – International Premiere

Yaõkwá, Image and Memory (Yaõkwá, Imagem e Memória), Rita Carelli and Vincent Carelli, Brazil, 2020, 21’ – European Premiere

The Whisper of the Leaves (El Susurro de Las Hojas), Amir Aether Valen, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, 2021, 16’ – World Premiere

“The red filter is withdrawn.” (레드필터가 철회됩니다.”), Minjung Kim, South Korea, 2020, 12’ – UK Premiere

The White Death of the Black Wizard (A morte branca do feiticeiro negro), Rodrigo Ribeiro, Brazil, 2020, 10’ – UK Premiere

On Memory (关于记忆), Liao Jiekai, Singapore, 2021, 34’ – World Premiere

Lubiana Laibach, Michael Pattison, United Kingdom, 2021, 63’ – World Premiere

Two Sons and a River of Blood, Amber Bemak, Angelo Madsen Minax, United States, 2021, 10’ – UK Premiere

North By Current, Angelo Madsen Minax, United States, 2021, 86’ – UK Premiere

All of Your Stars Are but Dust on My Shoes, Haig Aivazian, Lebanon, 2020, 17’ – UK Premiere

All Light, Everywhere, Theo Anthony, United States, 2021, 109’ – UK Premiere

Twin Peaks, Al Wong, 1977, 50’ – International Premiere (new 16mm restoration from Pacific Film Archive)
Bruce Takes Dragon Town, Emily Chao, 2015, 15’ – UK Premiere

In Posse, Charlotte Jarvis, 2021, 46’

Focus Taiwan

A Short History of Decay (解體概要), LIN Shih, chieh, Taiwan, 2014, 6’

Resampling the Past (昔日拼貼), Marco WILMS, Taiwan, 2010, 16’

One World One Dream (一中), CHUNG Chuan, Taiwan, 2018, 20’ – International Premiere

Return (回程列車), HUANG Pang, chuan, France, 2018, 20’

Liberty Square (自由廣場), Wood LIN, Taiwan, 2020, 12’ – International Premiere

The Falling Kite (斷線風箏), HSIAO Mei, ling, Taiwan, 1999, 42’

This Shore: A Family Story (此岸:一個家族故事), Tzu, An WU, Taiwan, United States, 2020, 62’ – International Premiere

The Time to Live and the Time to Die (童年往事), Hsiao, Hsien HOU, Taiwan, 1985, 118’

The Art of Staging Reality

Before The Guests Arrive, Jon Bang Carlsen, Denmark, 1986, 18’

It’s Now Or Never, Jon Bang Carlsen, Denmark, 1996, 32’

How To Invent Reality, Jon Bang Carlsen, Denmark, 1996, 45’

Reel Women / Real Lives:

Homes for the People, Kay Mander, United Kingdom, 1945, 23’

The Troubled Mind, Margaret Thomson, United Kingdom, 1954, 20’

Something Nice to Eat, Sarah Erulkar, United Kingdom, 1967, 21’

Northern Focus

I Get Knocked Down, Sophie Robinson, United Kingdom, 2021, 87’ – World Premiere

Tales from a Hard City, Kim Flitcroft, United Kingdom, France, 1995, 80’

Tictoc, Mark Waters, United Kingdom, 2020, 22’ – UK Premiere

Horvath, Jim Wraith, United Kingdom, 2021, 45’ – World Premiere

Growing Love, Claire Davies, United Kingdom, 2020, 7’

Jun, Sel MacLean, United Kingdom, 2021, 6’ – World Premiere

Hanging On, Alfie Barker, United Kingdom, 2021, 10’ – World Premiere

The Branches are Hope; The Roots are Memory, Sema Basharan, United Kingdom, 2021, 7’ – World Premiere

Video Villanelle (for distance), Catriona Gallagher, United Kingdom, 2020, 17’ – Festival Premiere


Films belong to those who need them – fragments from the history of Black British Cinema

This year, we want to spotlight and celebrate the history of Black British screen culture with our Retrospective program.

Sonic Register: British black womxn and onscreen performativity, curated by Judah Atille

Sequence to a Dream, Yasmin Nicholas, United Kingdom, 2018, 4’

Fi Dem, Zinzi Minott, United Kingdom, 2018, 6’

where did we land, Rabz Lansiquot, United Kingdom, 2021, 30’

Fi Dem II, Zinzi Minott, United Kingdom, 2019, 9’

Burning an Illusion, Menelik Shabazz, United Kingdom, 1981, 101’

Fi Dem III, Zinzi Minott, United Kingdom, 2020, 11’

Babymother, Julien Henriques, United Kingdom, 1998, 82’

Looking Black, curated by Karen Alexander

Blood Ah Go Run, Menelik Shabazz, Imruh Caesar, United Kingdom, 1981, 20’

JUS SOLI, somebody nobody, United Kingdom, 2015, 16’

Something Said, Jay Bernard, United Kingdom, 2017, 10’

Twilight City, Black Audio Film Collective, United Kingdom, 1989, 52’

Second Coming, debbie tucker green, United Kingdom, 2015, 105’

Amine, Beverley Bennett, United Kingdom, 2017, 12’

The Nation’s Finest, Keith Piper, United Kingdom, 1990, 7’

Three Songs on Pain, Time and Light, Trevor Mathison & Edward George, United Kingdom, 1995, 25’

the words I do not have yet, Phoebe Boswell, United Kingdom, 2017, 11’

Rebirth is Necessary, Jenn Nkiru, United Kingdom, 2017, 11’

Looking for Langston, Isaac Julien, United Kingdom, 1989, 40’

SE24 – HD4 – SW3. Posting Codes, curated by Mark Sealy

The Great Conflict, Brixton Riots & Other Films, Clovis Salmon aka ‘Sam the Wheels’, United Kingdom, Various, 1960s to 1980s, 43’

The Homecoming: A short film about Ajamu, Topher Campbell, United Kingdom, 1995, 15’

Super Sam, Sandi Hudson, Francis, United Kingdom, 2019, 44’

Remember/Re-evaluate/Review, curated by We Are Parable

The Black Safari, Colin Luke, United Kingdom, 1972, 60’

Stationary Peaceful Protest, Xhosa Cole, Shiyi Li, United Kingdom, 2020, 12’

The Psychosis of Whiteness, Eugene Nulman, United Kingdom, 2018, 77’

Blacks Britannica, David Koff, United Kingdom, 1978, 54’

It Ain’t Half Racist, Mum, Stuart Hall, United Kingdom, 1979, 30’

Black British Stories of Resistance, curated by George Amponsah

The Mangrove Nine, Franco Rosso, United Kingdom, 1973, 37’

The People’s Account, Menelik Shabazz, United Kingdom, 1986, 52’

Redemption Song, curated by David Olusoga:

Episode 1 – Iron in the Soul, Stuart Hall, United Kingdom, 1991, 50’

Episode 7 – Shades of Freedom, Stuart Hall, United Kingdom, 1991, 50’

Destroy | Disturb | Disrupt – Decolonizing Queer Desire, curated by Campbell X

The Attendant, Isaac Julien, United Kingdom, 1993, 8’

Fetish, Topher Campbell, United States, United Kingdom, 2018, 17’

BLACKN3SS (NEGRUM3), Diego Paulino, Brazil, 2018, 22’

Bloom, A.T., Journal du Pôle, Kenya, United Kingdom, 2020, 5’

Batería, Damian Sainz, Cuba, Spain, 2016, 15’

MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name), Tanu Muino, Lil Nas X, United States, 2021, 3’

BMB (Black, Muslim and Bi), Heidi (Jade) Ramírez, Spain, 2021, 7’

Umbilic, Natasha Thembiso Ruwona, Scotland, 2021, 15’

Chilean Spotlight (in partnership with Chile Doc)

The Other One (El Otro), Francisco Bermejo, Chile, 2020, 75’

Harley Queen, Carolina Adriazola and José Luis Sepúlveda, Chile, 2019, 100’

Haydee and the Flying Fish (Haydee y el Pez Volador), Pachi Bustos, Chile/Brazil, 2019, 73’

Los Reyes, Bettina Perut and Iván Osnovikoff, Chile/Germany, 78 min, 2018

Night Shot (Visión Nocturna), Carolina Moscoso, Chile, 2019, 80’

Arts Programme

A series of platforms for digital artworks, installations and performances, playing with non-fiction boundaries and expanding them.

Free and open to all. Supported by Arts Council England.

Here In This Room, focuses on the dual concepts of “domestic ambience” and “domestic surrealism”

Yeh Woh (Turmoil), Anuj Malhotra, 2020

Sunsets, everyday, Basir Mahmood, 2020

Fenced within the silent cold walls, Bassam Al-Sabah, 2018

Familiar Scenes That Refuse to Stay, Bassam Al-Sabah, 2018-19

earthearthearth, Daïchi Saïto, 2021

Painting Room Lights, David Haxton, 1981

Rituals, Deborah Findlater, 2019

Nazar (bad energy stay far away), Deborah Findlater, 2019

Contact Call, Duncan Marquiss, 2020

Mirror Test, Duncan Marquiss, 2019

Dancing, Geraldine Snell, 2020

Still Life Moving, Geraldine Snell, 2020

light love, Geraldine Snell, 2020

탈피를 위한 의식 A Ritual for Metamorphosis, Heesoo Kwon, 2019

Premolt, Heesoo Kwon, 2019

How to order online, Julie Ramage, 2021

E.1027, Sam Smith, 2016-21

There’s A Weight On You But You Can’t Feel It, Séamus Harahan, 2008-18

Rabbit Hole, Sophie Michael, 2021

borrowed intimacy, Wanja Kimani, 2013

Right on Time, is an online group exhibition inviting works of artists who do not necessarily adhere to the traditional definition of ‘time’ and ‘temporality’ in their narratives.

The DIDO Problem, Areej Huniti & Eliza Goldox, 2021

Joules, Ash Moniz, 2020

On Time, Gian Spina, 2016

The Last Observer, Lina Laraki, 2020

And on a Different Note, Mohammad Shawky Hassan, 2015

Moonscape, Mona Benyamin, 2020

The Blind Rabbit, Pallavi Paul, 2021

Mamelles Ancestrales, Tabita Rezaire, 2019

The School of Mutants, The School of Mutants, 2019

Octavia’s Visions, Zara Zandieh, 2021

Dialogues: Emily Chao & Al Wong

Same Difference, Al Wong, 1975

As Long As There is Breath, Emily Chao, 2020

chive pockets, Emily Chao, 2017

No Land, Emily Chao, 2019


In Posse, Charlotte Jarvis, 2021

The Registry, Alex Tyson, 2021

Right on Time Radio, 2021

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