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The Devil’s Drivers directed by Mohammed Abugeth and Daniel Carsenty
The Devil’s Drivers directed by Mohammed Abugeth and Daniel Carsenty

Here is the first look – teaser trailer for The Devil’s Drivers, a new documentary world premiering at Toronto International Film Festival that follows Palestinian smugglers on high-speed trips to help workers cross the border.

Chased by the army, a human trafficker crosses the border on a daily basis. Shot over the course of eight years – about a man living on the edge in one of the most dangerous regions of our world.

Directed by Mohammed Abugeth and Daniel Carsenty, the film is an intimate and harrowing portrait of a group of smugglers risking everything on high-speed trips to help Palestinians workers cross the border into Israel every day for work. Banned from obtaining legal work permits in Israel, and cut off from their lands, and water sources by the Israeli settlers, these men risk everything to provide for their families.

An investigation into the human condition under the most difficult circumstances and an understanding of how to remain a decent human being in a world falling to pieces, the film underscores the harsh reality Palestinian’s face in day to day life.

Watch the teaser trailer for The Devil’s Drivers.

Director Daniel Carsenty

Daniel Carsenty’s first film ‘After Spring Comes Fall’ won the award for Best Feature at the Zsigmong Vilmos Festival in Sziget, Hungary. In the following years he worked for Arte and BBC as a TV journalist in the Middle East.In 2020 he moved to Los Angeles as a directing fellow at the American Film Institute.

Director Mohammed Abugeth

Mohammed Abugeth worked as PA in Ramallah for Idioms Films, before working as a TV journalist for Arte and DW. ‘The Devil’s Drivers’ is his first feature film. He currently works and lives in Berlin.

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