The Youth Governor directed by Matthew and Jaron Halmy release date
The Youth Governor directed by Matthew and Jaron Halmy

Greenwich Entertainment will release the documentary The Youth Governor the feature directorial debut of Matthew and Jaron Halmy. The documentary played at the Cleveland International Film Festival, the Milwaukee Film Festival, and the Phoenix Film Festival and will be released on August 26.

In the halls of California’s Capitol, 4000 teenagers run a fully functioning government complete with legislators, lobbyists, political party bosses, and elections. Over the course of four months, three candidates emerge from a field of 40 in the race for the 72nd Youth Governor. On the campaign trail, in their homes, and with peers watching their every word, we discover how these aspiring politicians put together the unique mix of ambition and activism it takes to win.

“It’s not a weekend retreat or a classroom, it’s four months of immersion,” said directors Matthew and Jaron Halmy. “It was mesmerizing and inspiring to watch these kids lose themselves in the democratic and electoral process with total conviction.”

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