Love & Mathematics (Amor y matemáticas)
Love & Mathematics (Amor y matemáticas) directed by Claudia Sainte-Luce

The Mexican comedy Love & Mathematics (Amor y matemáticas), the fifth feature film from director Claudia Sainte-Luce (The Amazing Catfish), a satirical and engaging comedy of the ambitions and aspirations of upper-middle-class Mexican society, will have its world premiere in the Contemporary World Cinema showcase at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), taking place September 8-18, 2022.

Love & Mathematics marks the second film by Sainte-Luce that is having a world premiere at a major international film festival this year, after her captivating coming-of-age drama The Realm of God premiered at the Berlinale in February. With an original screenplay by playwright and writer Adriana Pelusi, this is the first film directed by Sainte-Luce written by someone else.

Starring Roberto Quijano, Diana Bovio, and Daniela Salinas and set in the city of northern Mexican city of Monterrey, Love & Mathematics tells the story of Billy Lozano, who after teenage fame as part of a popular boy band, has found himself in his late thirties, and unhappily married.

Billy’s suburban routine consists of taking care of his infant son and loathing his wife’s poorly behaved lap dog. His life changes when he meets Monica, a former mega-fan of the band, who moves into the house next door and inspires him to pick up the guitar again and find something worth living for.

With its nuanced humor and its poignant commentary on longing and disconnection, Love & Mathematics confirms Sainte-Luce as one of the most prolific and exciting filmmakers of her generation, and one of the most unique female voices in Latin American cinema.

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