34th New York LGBTQ+ Film Festival program lineup
Mama’s Boy, All The Beauty And The Bloodshed

The 34th NewFest: New York LGBTQ+ Film Festival will take place from October 13 – 25, 2022, showcasing more than 130 films, in theaters in NYC and virtually throughout the United States.

NewFest will kick off with the World Premiere of director Laurent Bouzereau’s HBO documentary film Mama’s Boy, the story of Academy Award winner Dustin Lance Black (MILK). Traveling back to the places where he grew up, Black explores his childhood roots, gay identity and close relationship with his mother, who overcame childhood polio, abusive marriages and Mormon dogma, while becoming Black’s emotional rock and ultimately, the inspiration for his activism.

The festival will close with Oscar winning documentarian Laura Poitras’ All The Beauty And The Bloodshed, an epic, emotional, and interconnected story about internationally renowned artist and activist Nan Goldin, which took home the Golden Lion at the 79th Venice International Film Festival.

Narrative highlights from the 2022 festival lineup include an international centerpiece screening for the NYC premiere of Michael Grandage’s Prime Video drama My Policeman, starring Harry Styles, Emma Corrin, David Dawson, Gina McKee, Linus Roache and Rupert Everett – a beautifully crafted story of forbidden passion and betrayal set in 1950s and 1990s Britain, a New York centerpiece screening for the New York Premiere of Todd Flaherty’s dark comedy Chrissy Judy, which explores the universal pain of breaking up with your best friend; and a US Centerpiece screening for Elegance Bratton’s drama that is inspired by his own story – A24’s The Inspection, which follows a young, gay Black man (Jeremy Pope), rejected by his mother (Gabrielle Union), who decides to join the Marines, doing whatever it takes to succeed in a system that would cast him aside. Bratton will be presented with the Breakthrough Queer Visionary Award prior to the screening of The Inspection.

Additional narrative highlights include A24’s drama Close, directed by Lukas Dhont, which won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes this year, Strand Releasing’s The Blue Caftan, directed by Maryam Touzani, which won the Un Certain Regard FIPRESCI prize at Cannes; Julia Murat’s Rule 34, the winner of Locarno’s Golden Leopard award, and two genre titles – Carter Smith’s horror film Swallowed, featuring Jena Malone, and Netflix’s original animated feature Wendell & Wild, from director Henry Selick and producer Jordan Peele, which features voice acting from Peele and longtime creative partner Keegan-Michael Key, Angela Bassett, Sam Zelaya and Lyric Ross.

Documentary highlights from the program include the festival’s Documentary Centerpiece screening – the New York Premiere of Magnus Gertten’s Nelly & Nadine, an unlikely love story between two women falling in love in the Ravensbrück concentration camp, the NYC Premiere of The Return of Tanya Tucker: Featuring Brandi Carlile, about queer icon Brandi Carlile ushering her idol back into country music stardom, sports documentary Out in the Ring, about LGBTQ+ pro wrestlers past and present, and the NYC Premiere of Daresha Kyi’s Mama Bears, a powerful documentary about conservative, Christian mothers who have become fierce LGBTQ+ advocates after accepting their queer children.

For the 2022 edition of the festival, 56% of films are directed by Women, Non-Binary, and Two-Spirit Filmmakers, and 64% of the line-up is by and about underrepresented voices in the queer community (Women, People of Color, Trans, Non-Binary, Indigenous, Bi and Disabled).

The festival’s in-person premieres will take place in Manhattan at SVA Theatre and The LGBT Community Center, as well as in Brooklyn for the second year at Nitehawk Prospect Park and The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM).

The full 2022 NewFest: New York LGBTQ+ Film Festival lineup selections are as follows:



MAMA’S BOY, directed by Laurent Bouzereau. (USA)
Academy Award® Winner Dustin Lance Black (MILK) explores his childhood roots, gay identity and close relationship with his mother, who overcame childhood polio, abusive marriages and Mormon dogma, while becoming Black’s emotional rock and ultimately, the inspiration for his activism. World Premiere.


ALL THE BEAUTY AND THE BLOODSHED, directed by Lauren Poitras. (USA)
An epic, emotional, and interconnected story about internationally renowned artist and activist Nan Goldin directed by Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Laura Poitras (CITIZENFOUR).


CHRISSY JUDY, directed by Todd Flaherty. (USA)
Freewheeling dark comedy about two longtime friends and drag queens growing up and apart. New York Premiere.


THE INSPECTION, directed by Elegance Bratton. (USA)
Rejected by his mother, a young gay man finds unexpected strength, camaraderie, and support after he joins the Marines. Screening will be preceded by Breakthrough Queer Visionary Award presentation to Elegance Bratton.


NELLY AND NADINE, directed by Magnus Gertten. (SWEDEN / BELGIUM / NORWAY)
A remarkable story about two women who fall in love while imprisoned in a German concentration camp in 1944. New York Premiere.


MY POLICEMAN, directed by Michael Grandage. (UK)
Harry Styles and Emma Corrin star in a beautifully crafted story of forbidden passion and betrayal in 1950s Britain. New York City Premiere.


SWOON (30th Anniversary), directed by Tom Kalin. (USA)
One of the landmark films to emerge from the New Queer Cinema of the ‘90s, SWOON is a galvanizing work that reimagines the controversial 1924 murder case involving lovers Leopold and Loeb. Screening in 35mm.

THE COCKETTES (20th Anniversary), directed by Bill Weber, David Weissman. (USA)
As the psychedelic ’60’s began evolving into the gay ’70’s in San Francisco, a flamboyant ensemble of hippies known as The Cockettes decked themselves out in gender-bending drag and tons of glitter for a series of legendary midnight musicals. Presented in partnership with The American LGBTQ+ Museum.


BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND, directed by Trevor Anderson. (CANADA)
While the other students wonder if new kid Robin is a boy or a girl, Robin forges a complicated bond with the charismatic school bully in this 1980s-set coming of age comedy. U.S. Premiere.

CLOSE, directed by Lukas Dhont. (BELGIUM)
A seemingly unbreakable bond between two 13-year-old boys is suddenly torn apart in this Cannes Grand Jury Prize winner. New York City Premiere.

EL HOUB – THE LOVE, directed by Shariff Nasr. (NETHERLANDS)
Darkly hilarious and moving tale of a Moroccan-Dutch man forcing his family to acknowledge his sexuality after years of keeping it hidden. New York Premiere.

FOLLOW THE PROTOCOL, directed by Fábio Leal. (BRAZIL)
After months of self-imposed lockdown, hypochondriac Francisco wants to have sex — but only if it’s as safe as physically possible. New York Premiere.

I’LL SHOW YOU MINE, directed by Megan Griffiths. (USA)
An author examines her own past during a series of interviews with her nephew, a former male model and pansexual influencer. New York Premiere.

LONESOME, directed by Craig Boreham. (AUSTRALIA)
Sexy, powderkeg romance between a handsome country boy on the run and a charismatic hustler from the big city of Sydney. New York Premiere.

MARS ONE, directed by Gabriel Martins. (BRAZIL)
A Black family in Brazil tries to keep their dreams alive after the election of a right-wing president, a man who represents everything they are not.

MY EMPTINESS AND I, directed by Adrián Silvestre. (SPAIN)
A young trans woman moves to Barcelona in search of love, community, and her place in the world. New York Premiere.

NANA’S BOYS, directed by Ashton Pina. (USA)
Two gay Black men’s relationship is tested after an unexpected New York City lockdown. New York City Premiere.

PLEASE BABY PLEASE, directed by Amanda Kramer. (USA)
Andrea Riseborough, Harry Melling and Demi Moore star in a neon-lit fantasia about newlyweds who experience new urges and find themselves on diverging sexual journeys. New York Premiere.

RULE 34, directed by Julia Murat. (BRAZIL / FRANCE)
Psycho-sexual drama and winner of Locarno Film Festival’s Golden Leopard about a law student who defends women in abuse cases by day, and turns to livecam sex work at night. U.S. Premiere.

SHALL I COMPARE YOU TO A SUMMER’S DAY, directed by Mohammad Shawky Hassan. (EGYPT / GERMANY / LEBANON)
Two men encounter a polyamorous chorus of lovers in this musical parable for the Grindr era. New York Premiere.

SWALLOWED, directed by Carter Smith. (USA)
Childhood best friends Benjamin and Dom must survive a night in a backwoods hell of drugs, bugs, and obscene intimacy in this queer horror nightmare, featuring Jena Malone and Mark Patton. New York Premiere.

The arrival of a young apprentice disrupts the marriage between a closeted Moroccan tailor and his wife. New York City Premiere.

THE FIRST FALLEN, directed by Rodrigo de Oliveira. (BRAZIL)
In a small Brazilian town in 1983, three friends come together to try and survive the first wave of the AIDS epidemic. New York Premiere.

Three young queer people spend a sunny afternoon drifting through a dystopian São Paulo in this Berlinale Teddy Award winner.

UNIDENTIFIED OBJECTS, directed by Juan Felipe Zuleta. (USA)
An uptight New Yorker and his free-spirited, alien-obsessed neighbor hit the road on a border-defying search for their place in the universe. New York Premiere.

VULVEETA, directed by Maria Breaux. (USA)
Punk singer Grrrilda is turning 50 and all she wants is a reunion with her ‘90s riot grrrl band. New York Premiere.

WENDELL & WILD, directed by Henry Selick. (USA)
An animated adventure from the delightfully wicked minds of Henry Selick and producer Jordan Peele about two scheming demons who enlist the aid of a tough teen to summon them to the Land of the Living.


A RUN FOR MORE, directed by Ray Whitehouse (USA)
Follow Frankie Gonzales-Wolfe as she attempts to run for city council in hopes of being the first openly transgender elected official in Texas. New York Premiere.

ALL MAN: THE INTERNATIONAL MALE STORY, directed by Bryan Darling, and Jesse Finley Reed. (USA)
This documentary follows the band of outsiders who created the iconic International Male catalog, which changed the way men looked and how the world looked at them.

BLACK AS U R, directed by Micheal Rice. (USA)
A provocative and unflinchingly honest examination of homophobia in Black spaces. New York Premiere.

ESTHER NEWTON MADE ME GAY, directed by Jean Carlomusto. (USA)
A rare look at queer history and gender studies through a living icon who studied queer space from urban gay bars to Fire Island, encompassing amazing archival footage and inspiring intergenerational testimonials. NewFest Pride Encore.

JIMMY IN SAIGON, directed by Peter McDowell. (USA)
A man searches for answers about the mysterious death, radical life, and forbidden romance of his brother, a Vietnam veteran who died abroad in 1972. New York City Premiere.

KEEP THE CAMERAS ROLLING: THE PEDRO ZAMORA WAY, directed by William T. Horner and Stacey Woelfel. (USA)
A galvanizing documentary about Pedro Zamora, trailblazing AIDS activist and ‘90s queer icon from MTV’s The Real World: San Francisco.

LOTUS SPORTS CLUB, directed by Vanna Hem, Tommaso Colognese. (NETHERLANDS / CAMBODIA)
Inspiring documentary about Cambodia’s only LGBTQ+-inclusive soccer team and the intimate bonds formed between its members. North American Premiere.

MAMA BEARS, directed by Daresha Kyi. (USA)
Powerful documentary about conservative, Christian mothers who have become fierce LGBTQ+ advocates after accepting their queer children. New York City Premiere.

OUT IN THE RING, directed by Ry Levey. (CANADA / USA / UK)
Rousing documentary about the rise of LGBTQIA+ professional wrestlers past and present and the history of visibility in the sport. New York Premiere.

Queer musician Brandi Carlile ushers her idol Tanya Tucker back into country music stardom. New York City Premiere.

TRAMPS!, directed by Kevin Hegge. (CANADA)
Dishy documentary about London’s post-punk era and the outsized personalities that shaped the late 1970s New Romantics art movement. New York Premiere.

UÝRA – The Rising Forest, directed by Juliana Curi. (USA / BRAZIL)
A trans-indigenous artist travels through the Amazon rainforest on a journey of self-discovery, using performance art to confront structural racism and transphobia in Brazil. East Coast Premiere.


SLEEP WITH ME, directed by Samantha Lee. (Philippines)
Two night owls navigate love, isolation, and disability under the moonlight in this romantic series. New York Premiere.

WAY DOWN, directed by Ellie Gravitte. (USA)
A group of up-and-coming queer artists navigate life and heartache in New York City’s East Village in this episodic musical series. World Premiere.


HBO’s THE WHITE LOTUS, Season 2, Episode 1, written and directed by Mike White
Season 2 of the Emmy Award-winning social satire is set at an exclusive Sicilian resort and follows the exploits of various guests and employees over the span of a week.


Discover your next binge-worthy series within our international episodic showcase! Get ready to laugh, be intrigued, and have your heart warmed by this premiere collection of the best in web series.

FORTHEBOYS (Pilot), directed by Mekhai Lee and Ellis C. Dawson. (USA)
Anthony, Syed, and Jamal face Beckys, Karens, and inner conflict on their way to the Kiki. New York City Premiere.

HER: A Mico-Serie, directed by Brigid Turner. (USA)
A dramedy about Imani, a Black bisexual woman who battles her depression through dance, dating apps, family, & friends.

INTERTWINED – HONEYMOON, directed by Gabriel Bergeron. (CANADA)
A gay man in Montréal falls in love with an Argentine visitor. US Premiere.

THE HOSTS, directed by David Bonderoff. (USA)
Jason gets way more than he bargained for when looking to rebound. World Premiere.

MY TRIP TO SPAIN, directed by Theda Hammel. (USA)
Alexis is heading to Spain to get some cosmetic surgery, and she’s asked her old friend Charlie to house-sit.


Trans people are not a monolith in this dynamic T4T shorts program

Connect with the art of performance as a means of expression in this captivating collection of international shorts

Gather your BK besties and nurse your hangover with a delectable collection of Brooklyn-set shorts

Dig up and dive into hidden queer stories of the past that started revolutions, saved lives, and changed society

Travel through time and discover yourself with experimental shorts that may just answer your existential questions (and leave you with several more!)

SHORTS: I LIKE ME FOR ME (with NYC Dept of Education)
Affirming short films, curated specifically for LGBTQ+ youth and teens, in partnership with the NYC Department of Education

Uproarious mix of comic stories with one aim: to lift your spirits and make you chuckle

We are all mad as hell and NOT going to take it anymore in these eerie tales of rage and release

Take a ride on the wild side with kinky shorts about queer sex, labor, love, and activism

Fun, flirty, and complicated short films that are all about the boys. Let’s hear it for the boys with short films that show off how relationships can be fun, flirty, and complicated — all at the same time

In the mood to join an orgy or come to terms with an ex? This shorts program of lesbian yearning, romance, and debauchery has you covered!


XANADU Sing-along, directed by Robert Greenwald. (USA)
Celebrate the fabulous legacy of Olivia Newton-John by belting out the tunes of this 1980 mesmerizing musical fantasy at a community sing-along.

Film Feast: THE BIRDCAGE, directed by Mike Nichols. (USA)
Join NewFest for our second annual Film Feast and enjoy a contemporary comedy classic along with a paired multi-course meal at Nitehawk Prospect Park.

The New Class: Celebrating Emerging Queer Voices
Celebrate new queer voices in film and television, including the 2022 recipients of NewFest’s New Voices Filmmaker Grant and queer voice actors working in animation Brandon Kyle Goodman (Big Mouth, Human Resources), Sam Zelaya (Wendell & Wild), and Zack Barack (Dead End: Paranormal Park). Presented in Partnership with Netflix.

Authentic Voices of Pride, Presented by Chevrolet: Screening & Conversation
LGBTQ Nation’s “Authentic Voices of Pride presented by Chevrolet” is a 360-degree program tackling some of the LGBTQ community’s most important issues, bringing context and original reporting to the community and allies on these topics by profiling how real people, activists, policy makers and thought leaders are creating change, and driving a conversation to ensure that it’s enduring. At this special event screening we’ll share four documentary shorts and hear from some of the individuals who shared their stories. We’ll discuss the importance of finding community and fostering intergenerational relationships in the LGBTQ community.

Looking Back and Moving Forward: Screening & Conversation
Join NewFest and AARP New York for a screening of two short films making their New York Premiere that feature intergenerational themes, followed by a conversation with filmmakers. Presented in partnership with AARP New York.

Reel Storytelling with Instagram (Panel)
Join NewFest and Instagram for this compelling conversation with established and emerging LGBTQ+ artists and activists who use social media tools to share their story. Presented in partnership with Instagram.

THE YOUNG ROYALS Season 2 (Exclusive Virtual Conversation)
Join NewFest and Netflix for an exclusive virtual conversation with YOUNG ROYALS creator Lisa Ambjörn and actors Edvin Ryding & Omar Rudberg. In Season 2 of YOUNG ROYALS, winter break has passed and Prince Wilhelm and the rest of his classmates are back at Hillerska. When Wilhelm tries to take revenge on August, and win back Simon’s trust, he creates problems that threaten the entire monarchy.

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