Prophet directed by Michal Kondrat official trailer and release date
Prophet directed by Michal Kondrat

The Polish drama Prophet, the first feature film on the life of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, will be released in U.S. theaters on November 15 and 17. The story will introduce audiences to a heroic Polish prelate of the Catholic Church who exhibited an unwavering witness amid rising communist forces, fearlessness during imprisonment and a vision of the future Pope John Paul II.

The film is the feature directorial debut for acclaimed Polish filmmaker Michal Kondrat (Purgatory, Faustina: Love and Mercy) with Slawomir Grzymkowski (Alarm, Where Eskimos Live) starring as Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński.

In Prophet, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński’s story is told in the context of historical events of importance to Poland which reveal an unyielding leader who is not afraid to talk to the communists seeking to destroy the Church – even launching an operation code-named ‘Prorok’ (Prophet), engaging hundreds of agents to follow his every move. At the same time, he shows himself as a man of faith who sees further than his opponents do.

It is a riveting story about unwavering faith, love for the human person and the fight for religious freedom that are an utterly heroic prelude to the fall of communism in Europe.

“Prophet is going to awaken audiences to a churchman who shows the world what it means to stand against evil,” said Michal Kondrat, director and producer. “Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński’s story sets the stage for the dramatic rise of Pope John Paul II and the fall of communism in Europe. Who is this prophetic man who battled evil and saw a son of Poland rising? Audiences will get to know Wyszyński – a fascinating figure that the world should look to during the hauntingly eerie times we are currently living in.”

Prophet is the latest in Fathom Events’ “Saint Series,” a specially curated catalogue of movies depicting the fascinating lives of Catholic saints.

Watch the official trailer for Prophet.

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