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Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill
Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill. Judee Sill with guitar and dog. Feb 5, 1971 (Credit Submarine Entertainment).

Directed by Andy Brown and Brian Lindstrom, Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill will have its World Premiere at DOC NYC 2022.

Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill is an intimate documentary portrait of a one-of-a-kind singer-songwriter from 1970s LA – Judee Sill. It charts her life from a troubled adolescence of addiction, armed robbery and prison through her meteoric rise in the music world and early tragic death.

Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill. Asylum Billboard
Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill. Asylum Billboard (Credit Submarine Entertainment)

In two years, Judee went from living in a car, to an Asylum Record deal and the cover of Rolling Stone. As told by David Geffen, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne and Graham Nash — along with Judee herself — the film explores Judee’s unique musical style and the inspiring recent rediscovery of her singular music by many young artists today.

Brian Lindstrom, Andy Brown
Brian Lindstrom, Andy Brown, directors of Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill (Credit Submarine Entertainment)

Filmmaker Brian Lindstrom’s award-winning films explore the inner resources of marginalized people. His 2019 New York Times Op-Doc We Are Forbidden, produced with his wife, Cheryl Strayed, is a participatory film empowering teen girls in Nepal to share their experiences of menstrual stigma. Mothering Inside follows incarcerated moms and their children. It was instrumental in the advocacy movement which made Oregon the first state to pass a Bill of Rights for the Children of Incarcerated Parents. His film Alien Boy: The Life & Death of James Chasse is an intense examination of police brutality in the death of a non-violent man experiencing mental illness (iTunes, Amazon, Hulu+, Kanopy; distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures). Finding Normal (2007) follows longtime heroin and crack addicts trying to rebuild their lives with the help of recovery mentors. It was selected by The Oregonian as one of the top ten films of the year.

In 2016, Lindstrom was awarded the Media Arts Fellowship by the Regional Arts & Culture Council in Portland, Oregon. This award is partially funding his documentary-in-progress about the only marathon program in the country for incarcerated youth.

Andy Brown is an actor and screenwriter from New York City. This is his first documentary. His acting credits include The Daytrippers (1996) and a recurring role in the MTV series Austin Stories (1996) for which he also wrote. He co-wrote, co-directed and co-starred in the independent feature Pop Life(2002).

As a writer-director, Andy also co-created the series The Horrible, Terrible Misadventures of David Atkins, which won an award at the New York Television Festival. He has also worked in series development for Marshall Brickman and Castle Rock Entertainment.

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