The 9 Lives of Barbara Dane
Photo: Anti-Vietnam War march in San Francisco 1964 ©Erik Weber

Maureen Gosling’s The 9 Lives of Barbara Dane, a documentary tribute celebrating the life of a powerhouse blues/jazz/folk singer, activist, feminist, record producer, and committed troublemaker, Barbara Dane will World Premiere at the 2023 Mill Valley Film Festival.

Her nine-decade odyssey redefines established narratives surrounding pivotal eras like 1940s communism, 1950s white femininity, the vibrant tapestry of the 1960s folk movement, the activism of the 1970s GI Anti-War crusade, and the intricate web of the 1980s Iran-Contra affair. Her resolute principles guide her through fame, obscurity, and musical immortality.

Bay Area filmmaker Maureen Gosling has directed, produced, edited, sound recorded and distributed documentaries for 50 years. Gosling is best known for her 20 year collaboration with the late Les Blank, they worked together on over twenty films. She is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences. Her films include Burden of Dreams (Co-filmmaker, Editor, Sound Recordist), This Ain’t No Mouse Music! (Producer/Director/Editor with Chris Simon), and Blossoms of Fire (Producer/Director/Editor).

In addition to the film screening, on Tuesday, October 10, MVFF will also present The 9 Lives of Barbara Dane – Performances in Celebration of an American Hero at the Sweetwater Music Hall in downtown Mill Valley. A Special one-of-a-kind tribute concert honoring the legendary Barbara Dane.

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