Eric Roberts in My Last Best Friend official trailer and release date
My Last Best Friend

Majox Films shared the official trailer for My Last Best Friend, the indie thriller film starring Eric Roberts as two identical-looking men living together – sharing the identity and the same life, but one of them is hiding a dark secret.

Also starring in the film are Carol Alt, and Rico Simonini.

Release Date

Written and directed by Filippo M. Prandi, My Last Best Friend opens in Brooklyn, NY on Friday, September 15th at Stuart Cinema & Café and in Los Angeles, CA on Wednesday, September 20th at Cinelounge.


New York City. March – April 2020. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, two men, both named Walter Stoyanov, watch their lives getting turned upside down, as one of them falls ill and the other one is being investigated by FBI Special Agent John McCallany.

Official Trailer

Watch the official trailer for My Last Best Friend.

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