On Fire directed by Nick Lyon and Peter Facinelli official trailer and release date
On Fire

Cineverse revelaed the official trailer for On Fire, the survival action thriller film following a family forced to fight for their lives when a wildfire breaks out in their small town. The film starring Peter Facinelli, Fiona Dourif, Asher Angel, Lance Henriksen, Glenn Morshower, Ross McCal is based on true events that transpired during one of California’s wildfires.

Release Date

Directed by Nick Lyon and Peter Facinelli, On Fire opens in theaters with a release date of September 29, 2023.


Inspired by true and harrowing events, On Fire tells the story of an ordinary man (Peter Facinelli) that finds his world suddenly torn apart as devastating wildfires rip through the surrounding countryside. With precious moments ticking by, he must flee with his son (Asher Angel) and pregnant wife (Fiona Dourif) if they have any hope of surviving the rapid forces of mother nature.

“Unfortunately, wildfires are becoming more and more rampant each year. This film is inspired by true events and gives an in-depth look at how terrifying it is to be trapped with your family as you’re faced with only one goal—survival,” said Facinelli.

“My heart goes out to any family who’s had to endure what these characters went through and those that are currently experiencing them in Canada. I hope the film furthers awareness so we can find a way to curb these fires. To all the firefighters and first responders, thank you for your heroic acts. This film is dedicated to you.”

Official Trailer

Watch the official trailer for On Fire.

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