Wherever You Are (Ovunque proteggimi)


DIRECTOR(S): Bonifacio Angius

STARRING: Alessandro Gazale, Francesca Niedda, Antonio Angius

GENRE: Drama Film

SYNOPSIS: Now in his fifties, Alessandro has been singing to unresponsive audiences in small-town clubs for years. After each gig he heads to a local bar, where he drinks his way through his meagre pay. The bleak monotony of this sensual hulk’s existence is radically shaken up by his encounter with Francesca, a childishly spontaneous woman with big green eyes who refuses to accept the social workers’ decision that she’s incapable of caring for her own son. With its lens directed at marginalised individuals, this unconventional road romance unfolds on the sun-drenched island of Sardinia in a world that, as the director suggests, “one should punch in the face or run away from, just like the characters in my film.”