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RiverRun International Film Festival has added three feature films to its Festival lineup. The films, MISS REPRESENTATION, ANOTHER EARTH and THE TREE, will be shown as part of RiverRun’s Special Screenings. With the addition of these features, RiverRun will screen a total of 121 films.

2011 Film Additions

MISS REPRESENTATION – USA / Director: Jennifer Siebel Newsom / 89 min. – Filled with interviews with journalists, scholars and politicians like Katie Couric, Gloria Steinem and Condoleeza Rice, this revealing documentary addresses the harsh reality of the representation of women in modern society. Miss Representation studies the norms forming the message that a woman’s value lies in her youth, beauty and sexuality.

ANOTHER EARTH – USA / Director: Mike Cahill / 92 min. – Rhonda Williams’ life takes a turn when she leans out of her car to view a newly-discovered planet and accidentally slams into a van, killing a man’s family. After serving four years in prison, she goes to visit the widowed man. She learns the tenth planet is a mirror-planet, and with a chance to visit the planet, she wonders what a mirror-version of herself would be like.

THE TREE – France/Australia / Director: Julie Bertuccelli / 100 min. – Devastated after her husband’s death, Dawn and her four children struggle to live without him. One of the children, Simone, is convinced her father is speaking to her through the fig tree that stands over their home. At first a comfort, the tree begins to encroach on their home. Starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, The Tree hauntingly portrays grief and coming-of-age against the stark and stunning Australian outback.

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