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BIG WORDS – 2012, Neil Drumming, USA, 97 min.

A tree grew in the Bronx, which branched out and transcended lines of color, lines of geographic limitation, and language barrier.

It’s branches as a collective spawn a culture;  root word, cult. The assembly of a devoted faithful. Its passionists, its offspring, its advocates, its lovers. The symbolism in Big Words is glaring. Satiable for the abstract thinkers, the descendants of poor righteous teachers, of B-Boys and Girls, Backpackers alike. The essence of hip hop and its impact on the lives of so many including Mr Big Words himself, James, is evident scripturally; figuratively, from something came something. Life, Art, Progress, Finance; unified by the culture stands so many, yet divided on principles. An ode to the hip hop of old. Refute it if you will, embrace if it you must. Hip Hop- the only thing that matters.

To a trio of lifelong friends, who for many years shared a dream, only to see it erased by a moment of indecision. A burden to one by way of the literal consequence from a pivotal act, but shared by the rest through the transition their lives have taken subsequently. Holding on subconsciously, perpetuating the rift matter of factly. What once was golden, is now tainted, according to opion- like Hip Hop.  Trying for years to erase the memories, the good times if you will for it is “easier to forget, then figure out what it is supposed to be today” (Mr Big Words). No matter how tried and true that may be, it remains, in life and on screen.. What will take years of work, is displayed in moments ofThree minutes and 50 seconds, or one hour and 33 ticks; the rhyme, the reason, the audience, the characters. Big Words, DJs, artists, the fans.

Their growth, their wonderment, their hurdles, or secrets. That which is not always in song but must be shared. The closet that hides them. Is Hip Hop all-inclusive? That is a question for you to answer. All of these things and more, are a muse; are a plot. Big Words, wisely spoken.

The opening night film of the 2013 New Voices in Black Cinema festival, Big Words (2012, 97 min. – Friday, February 16) directed by journalist-turned-director Neil Drumming makes its New York premiere fresh off of its run at the 2013 Slamdance Film Festival.

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