HOT GUYS WITH GUNS and HETEROSEXUAL JILL are two comedy films that will screen at this year’s Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival which opens Thursday, September 19th, and runs through Sunday, September, 22nd, 2013. The first, HOT GUYS WITH GUNS, is a modern (gay) take on the old-fashioned detective story. Imagine Lethal Weapon as a comedy with the Mel Gibson and Danny Glover characters played by younger, hotter ex-boyfriends.” HETEROSEXUAL JILL, is described as a delightful mix of over-the-top comedy, sharp wit, and pathos, from filmmaker and actress, Michelle Ehlen, perhaps best known for her comedic feature, Butch Jamie.

In HOT GUYS WITH GUNS, written and directed by Doug Spearman (LOGO’s Noah’s Arc), out of work actor, Danny (Marc Anthony Samuel), hopes to get the role of a lifetime, playing a Private Detective, and decides to take a night course to help him learn the part. While doing his homework, Danny stumbles quite literally into an opportunity to show off his detective skills when his ex-lover, Pip (Brian McArdle), finds himself the victim of a robbery. Under the expert tutelage of Danny’s teacher (a crusty, retired PI expertly played by Alan Blumenfeld), Danny and Pip learn the finer points of detective work – pointing a gun, talking to informers, solving the case, and out-running the bad guys! Also starring Darryl Stephens (LOGO’s Noah’s Arc).


In HETEROSEXUAL JILL, we meet Jill, a somewhat neurotic “All American’ Girl,”  who is having serious trouble making progress with her ex-lesbian conversion path. To prove (to herself) that she is no longer attracted to her butch ex-girlfriend (by dating her), Jill tracks her down. Her ex-girlfriend (Jamie) finally agrees to the preposterous plan of ‘dating’ Jill to help her move along with her “conversion,” but complications arise almost immediately. Jill starts looking for a way out, and Jamie starts having her own identity crisis – one that she is ill-equipped to handle. HETEROSEXUAL JILL is a savage satire about sexuality, and at the same time, a sort of pseudo-romantic comedy about learning to love, by learning to love who you are.

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