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Robert Zemeckis’s The Walk starringJoseph Gordon-Levitt

“The Walk” (pictured above) directed by Robert Zemeckis, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt will open the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), and the “TERMINAL” directed by Tetsuo Shinohara, starring Koichi Sato, will close the festival. The 28th edition of TIFF will run October 23 to 31, 2014.

The Walk
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ben Kingsley, Charlotte Le Bon

Twelve people have walked on the moon. Only one has ever, or will ever, walk where Philippe Petit did in 1974. Overcoming odds, betrayals, dissension and countless close calls, he executes a seemingly impossible plan. An emotional, character-driven story.

Director: Tetsuo Shinohara
Cast: Koichi Sato, Tsubasa Honda, Machiko Ono

A final stop becomes a starting station.
The masterpiece of Shino Sakuragi, who won the 149th Naoki Prize at HOTEL ROYAL in 2013, is in motion picture. In Kushiro, Hokkaido, a pair who abandoned their own lives encounters and develops a moving drama by restarting new lives.

The festival also announced new venues in Shinjuku City and newly added sections; Panorama, Japan Now, Japanese Classics, were introduced.

Bryan Singer, the director of The Usual Suspects which won two Academy Awards and the Tokyo Gold Prize in Young Cinema Competition at the 8th TIFF will serve as the head of jury. He commented, “First of all I am thrilled to be returning to Tokyo. It’s my eighth time, but it has been awhile. As a lover of film, the opportunity to see fresh new work is first and foremost an honor. To help in the advancement of filmmakers as a jury president/member of such a prestigious festival is an even greater honor. Although I have made some rather commercial pictures, my career was born out of the festival system. I truly understand its importance and look forward to being part of it again. As a juror, but most importantly as an audience member.”

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