The Best of All Worlds (Die Beste aller Welten) by Adrian Goiginger
The Best of All Worlds (Die Beste aller Welten) by Adrian Goiginger

Congratulations to the winners, nominees, and all the participants of the 2018 NYC Independent Film Festival.  Winners include The Girl in The Woods by Sebastian Sdaigui taking the awards for Best Director and Best Short Film; Jamaica Man winning the awards for Best Cinematography plus Best Documentary Feature; and Adrien Goiginger’s The Best of All Worlds, winning the award for Best Narrative Feature.

The Girl In The Woods is a short film which explores crime, honor and violence in a post truth, hyper real world. It follows two social outcasts, Beatrix and Charlie, who find solace in one another while facing quirky characters they meet on the way from brothel girls to art dealers. In the quest to save the orphanage where they not only met but had the only sense of home, they find the money to pay off the orphanages debt by stealing from a Snuff director, Mr Sunshine. Triggering a showdown between between bad and not as bad. This short combines crime, comedy and a splash of blood.

Jamaica Man is a subjective documentary profile of British expat Nigel Pemberton. A biographical picaresque, inspired narratively by Spalding Gray and visually by Slim Aarons, the film is a highly stylized and unconventional portrait of a raconteur nearing the end of his life.

The Best of All Worlds (Die Beste Aller Welten) is a kid’s true story of his life in the unusual world of his heroin addict mother and their love of each other.

Award Winners of 9th NYC Independent Film Festival

The Girl in The Woods
Best Director
Sebastian Sdaigui,
The Girl in the Woods

Jamaica Man
Best Cinematography
Laura Hudock, Jamaica Man

Best Narrative Feature
The Best of All Worlds,
Adrien Goiginger

Best Short Documentary
My Indiana Muse,
Ric Serena, Jen Serena

Best Documentary Feature
Jamaica Man,
Michael Weatherly

Best Short Film
The Girl in the Woods,
Sebastian Sdaigui

Best Super Short Film
Donggyun Han

Best Animation
In a Heartbeat,
Esteban Bravo, Beth David

Best Music Video
Luke Slattery

Best Art/Experimental Film
Kaya, David-Simon Dayan

Best Short Sketch Comedy
There’s Something About My Sister,
Rebecca Shaw

Best Web Series
Brandon Kramer

TV Pilots
Shannon Goldman

Best Actor
Obi Abili,
Forgotten Man

Best Actress
Marama Corlett,

Best Short Script Finalist Graphic
Best Short Script
“Magic Trick”, Gerald Teaster, Kelley Cantrel

Best VR Video
Rone, Lester Francois

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