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Saban Films released the new trailer for the indie sci-fi thriller Vivarium, directed by Lorcan Finnegan (Without Name) which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival Critics’ Week. The film stars Jesse Eisenberg and and Imogen Poots as a young couple in search of a starter home, who follow a mysterious estate agent and find themselves trapped in an even more mysterious labyrinth-like neighborhood of identical houses. Vivarium, which also stars Eanna Hardwicke, Jonathan Aris along with Senan Jennings will open in select US theaters starting March 27th, 2020.

Young professionals Gemma and Tom are looking to buy a home together. When their local estate agent informs them of a new housing development, the enigmatically named Yonder, they ignore their initial reservations and decide to check it out. But this cautious couple should have listened to their instincts, quickly finding themselves unable to escape the seemingly endless maze of picture-perfect streets. As the weeks pass, they are forced to accept they are trapped inside this manufactured utopia. Then, one day, a baby boy is mysteriously delivered to their doorstep. Invoking both the mind-bending weirdness of a classic Twilight Zone episode and the playful contemporary satire of Black Mirror, Lorcan Finnegan’s nightmarish jaunt up the property ladder is as thrillingly provocative as it is wickedly enjoyable. Sold! – Michael Blyth

Irish filmmaker Lorcan Finnegan is a visual fiend with photography, graphic design and filmmaking in his back pocket. His award-winning short film Foxes (2011) premiered at SXSW, while his debut feature film Without Name (2015) premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Vivarium, his sophomore feature film was selected for the 58th Cannes International Critics’ Week.

Vivarium Official Trailer
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