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Omar and Us | Omar Ve Biza directed by Maryna Er Gorbach & Mehmet Bahadir Er
Omar and Us | Omar Ve Biza directed by Maryna Er Gorbach and Mehmet Bahadir Er

The 23rd Annual Arpa International Film Festival (Arpa IFF) announced its full lineup of 65 films from 19 countries, for this year which will take place online this year.

The Festival will run for an 11-day span in order to accommodate all of its planned screenings as a streaming virtual event November 12 – 22, 2020.

Official Selection 2020 Film Lineup of the Arpa International Film Festival

Feature Narrative Films

ALEKSI (*) Feature, Drama, Comedy, Coming of Age 2019 directed by Barbara Vekaric, Croatia

LONE WOLVES Feature, Thriller, Crime, Drama 2019 directed by Sergi Arnau, Spain

MIN ALESH? Feature, Drama 2019 directed by Amleset Muchie, Ethiopia

OMAR AND US (*) Feature, Drama, Human Rights 2019 directed by Maryna Er Gorbach & Mehmet Bahadir Er, Turkey

ONCE UPON A JUDGMENT DAY Feature, Drama, Western 2020 directed by Mehmet Tanrisever, Turkey

RESPITE Feature, Action, Crime, Drama 2019 directed by Saro Varjabedian, USA

SCENT OF MY DAUGHTER Feature, Drama 2019 directed by Olgun Özdemir, Turkey, USA, France

SUBMISSION (*) Feature, Drama 2020 directed by Leonardo Antonio, Portugal

UNTIMELY (*) Feature, Drama 2020 directed by Pouya Eshtehardi, Iran

Feature-length Documentary Films

AN ARMENIAN TRILOGY (*) Feature Doc, Armenian History, Music 2019 by Dan Yessian, USA

BLOODLESS: THE PATH TO DEMOCRACY (*) Feature Doc, History, Politics, Human Rights 2020 by Bared Maronian & Silva Basmajian, USA

BORN JUST NOW (*) Feature Doc, Performance Art, Women 2018 by Robert Adanto, USA

MIRACLE IN THE DESERT: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE SALTON SEA Feature Doc, Environmentalism 2019 by Greg Bassenian, USA

QUO VADIS 2020 (*) Feature Doc 2019 by Gabriele Fabbro, USA

WHAT WILL BECOME OF US (*) Feature Doc, Armenian History, Diaspora 2020 by Stephanie Ayanian & Joseph Myers, USA

Short Documentary Films

CONFESSIONS OF A RUNNER (*) Short Doc, Sports, Addiction, Recovery 2020 by Bachar Khattar, Lebanon

FINISH LINE (*) Short Doc, Sport, Human Rights 2019 by Saeed Mayahy, Iran

FROM KURILS WITH LOVE (*) Short Doc, Adventure, Wildlife 2020 by Taylor Reese., USA

IN THE SAME DIRECTION: JEFF PIFHER & SOCRATES’ TRIAL Short Music Doc, Jazz 2020 by Alexander Craven, USA

JO & KESSY ARTISTS WITH DISABILITIES Short Doc, Artists, Disability 2019 by Nwaye Zar Che Soe, France

Short Narrative Films

38 MINUTES Short, Action, Drama 2020 directed by Paul Lacovara, USA

ALINA (*) Short, Drama, Thriller, Holocaust 2019 directed by Rami Kodeih, USA

ANEMONE Short, Drama, Sci-Fi, Action 2019 directed by Alessandro Marcon, Italy

BABU (*) Short, Drama, Family 2019 directed by Eelum Dixit, Nepal

BLACK HEART, RED HANDS (*) Short, Crime, Thriller, Drama 2019 directed by Russell Southam, Australia

DABUR Short, Drama 2019 directed by Saeid Nejati, Iran

DANDELION Short, Romance, Drama 2020 directed by Jörg Viktor Steins-Lauss, USA

DARK SENSES Short, Romance, Thriller, Mystery 2019 directed by Vaz Andreas, USA

EMME Short, Drama, Thriller, Neo Noir 2019 directed by Toshiki Yashiro, USA

FENCED Short, Drama 2019 directed by Rodrigo Zan, USA

FURTHEST FROM (*) Short, Drama, Family, Coming of Age 2019 directed by Kyung Sok Kim, USA

GIFTED Short, Romantic Comedy, Fantasy 2020 directed by Karina Weeks, USA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Short, Comedy, Drama, Thriller 2018 directed by Mustafa Toby Eck, USA

HEARTBEAT Short, Drama 2020 directed by Chi Wang, USA

LIFELESS Short, Drama 2020 directed by Elvira Sinelnik and Alex Fedosov, USA

MORA & CHENCHI Short, Drama, LGBTQ, Romance 2020 directed by Diego Toussaint, USA

PARADISE PROGRAM Short, Sci-Fi, LGBTQ, Romance 2019 directed by Shanshan Zhang, USA

RETURN (*) Short, Drama 2019 directed by Selman Deniz, Turkey, Armenia

SKITOZ Short, Drama 2020 directed by Alexis & Diego Perrotte, France

THAT STUPID ARMENIAN’S MOTION PICTURE SHOW OR GAREN Short, Comedy 2019 directed by Hrag Meguerditchian, Lebanon

THE ABJURANTS Short, Sci-Fi, Drama 2019 directed by Antonio De Palo, Italy

THE BLUE BED Short, Drama 2020 directed by Alireza Kazemipour, Canada

THE CRITIC (*) Short, Drama, Psychological, Thriller 2018 directed by Stella Velon, USA

THE FAVOR Short, Drama 2019 directed by Henry Bruno, France

THIS LAND (*) Short, Crime, Drama 2019 directed by Michael Aloyan, Armenia

THROWAWAY BOY Short, Drama 2019 directed by Michael A. Pickeney, USA

TWENTY EIGHTY Short, Drama, Fantasy, Human 2020 directed by Eunjoo Na, Korea

WEEKEND Short, Drama 2019 directed by Ario Motevaghe, Iran

Short Animated Films

10000 UGLY INKBLOTS (*) Animation, Short 2020 by Dmitry Geller, China

ECHO Animation, Short, Drama, Environment 2020 by Barzan Rostami, Iran

GON, THE LITTLE FOX (*) Stop-Motion Animation, Drama, Fantasy 2019 by Takeshi Yashiro, Japan

HARVEST (*) Animation, Short 2018 by Sun Lijun, China

(*) MALAKOUT Animation, Fantasy 2019 by Farnoosh Abedi, Iran

THE ABANDONED BLOCK (*) Animation, Drama, Historic, Art 2020 by James Bourne, Canada

THE ROTATION Animation, Student 2020 by Hazhir As’adi, Iran

THE WINTER (*) Animation, Student 2020 Xin Li, by Australia

UNFRAMED Experimental Animation, Multimedia 2018 by Sona Yeghiazaryan, USA

Music Videos

SMASH AGAIN (*) Artist: CATALYST BARS & ALEXI Music Video, Dance, Pop, Rap 2019 directed by Alexi Papalexopoulos, USA

COVID BACH (*) Artist: ELIZABETH LEWIS Music Video, Animation, Classical 2020 directed by Elizabeth Lewis, Canada

A CHILD (*) Artist: HAMO ARZOUMANIAN Music Video, Armenian 2020 directed by Armen Poladian, Canada

ONLY LOVE (*) Artist: MANU HVALA Music Video, Pop 2020 directed by Manu Hvala, USA

GETAWAY TO KAOHSIUNG (*) Artist: NAMEWEE Music Video, Pop 2020 directed by Namewee, Taiwan

Award Nominees (*)

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