Clifton Collins Jr. appears in Jockey by Clint Bently
Clifton Collins Jr. appears in Jockey by Clint Bently | photo by Adolpho Veloso.

Austin Film Festival (AFF) announced the second wave of film including six Austin-connected films and three first-time feature filmmakers joining the 2021 AFF film lineup for the festival running October 21-28, 2021.

This year’s lineup spotlights six Austin-connected films and three first-time feature filmmakers including the World Premiere feature Ranch Water, written and directed by University of Texas alumni Sophie Miller, which follows a group of women who are on the brink of graduating college and deciding their futures and untangling their friendships.

In addition, the documentary feature Commissioner of Power details how Terry Todd used his passion for writing, weight training and history to shape the Iron Game and its influence on people throughout the world.Todd and his wife Jan would go on to co-found the H.J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports at the University of Texas at Austin.

Feature documentary CUSP from Showtime examines the lives of three girls living in a rural Texas town where their summer break serves as a small window into their lives as the audience watches them grow, struggle with relationships, and navigate life as a modern teenager.

Ailing musician Buck spends his final days trying to reconnect with his estranged family while dueling with death in Buck Alamo. Shot in Austin, the film captures the spirit of the city and its growing pains. In The One You’re With, explore romance during quarantine as a first date leads to spending 60 days in quarantine together. Written and directed by Austin native and AFF alumni Chad Werner, this comedy explores their romance during is forged in turbulent times.Jeremiah Heaton embarks on the journey of a lifetime in the feature documentary The king of North Sudan, directed by Daniel Abel and Executive Produced by Danny McBride and David Gordon Green. Heaton’s brash quest to make his daughter a princess by claiming a plot of land in Sudan and trying to get unspeakably rich in the process is full of twists and turns.

From Sony Pictures Classics comes Jockey, written by Austin local Greg Kwedar, which explores the world of horse racing as an aging jockey attempts to win one last title while young rookie guns for his crown.

Addict Named Hal explores the everyday lives of a group of addicts in a halfway house through the lens of a young woman who enters treatment for the first time. From first-time feature filmmaker Lane Michael Stanely comes a personal film that reminds us of what is most needed, empathy.From Nadia Szold comes Larry Flynt for President. Following the dynamic figure during his presidential run in 1983, when Flynt took his defense of free speech to the national stage.

Second wave of the 2021 AFF lineup

COMMISSIONER OF POWER (Written/Directed by Todd Sansom) – World Premiere

JOCKEY (Written by Clint Bentley and Greg Kwedar, Directed by Clint Bentley) – Austin Premiere

THE KING OF NORTH SUDAN (Written by Danny Abel and Brett Blake, Directed by Daniel Abel) – USA Premiere

THE ONE YOU’RE WITH (Directed by Chad Werner) – World Premiere

CUSP (Directed by Parker Hill and Isabel Bethencourt) – Texas Premiere

RANCH WATER (Written/Directed by Sophie Miller) – World Premiere

Addict Named Hal (Written/Directed by Lane Michael Stanley) – Texas Premiere

LARRY FLYNT FOR PRESIDENT (Written by Nadia Szold and Tchavdar Georgiev, Directed by Nadia Szold) – Texas Premiere

BUCK ALAMO (Written/Directed by Ben Epstein) – North American Premiere

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