Re-Opening directed by Chris Guerra and Matthew John Koppin
Re-Opening directed by Chris Guerra and Matthew John Koppin

The Beaufort Film Society announced the Official Selections for the 2022 Beaufort International Film Festival (BIFF), which takes place Feb. 22-27, 2022 in Beaufort, S.C. The 2022 edition will feature 10 World Premieres and an additional 42 films that will make their South Carolina debuts.

The society also announced that the festival will include an inaugural Rising Star Award with the recipient being South Carolina native Simeon Daise, who first appeared in Gullah, Gullah Island on Nickelodeon. Since then his credits include Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots; BET’s The Bobby Brown Story; BET’s American Soul, and CW’s All American. The prestigious Behind the Scenes Award recipient will be Casting Agent Tona B. Dahlquist from Charleston, SC. Tona has more than 50 television and film credits from her 30-plus years in the entertainment industry. Top titles include Forrest Gump, Iron Man 3, Halloween, Homeland, Righteous Gemstones, and The Eyes of Tammy Faye.

2022 Beaufort International Film Festival Official Selections


About Love
Directed by: Hanke Wang, Savannah, GA

A Change of Song
Directed by: Gordon David LePage, New Sharon, ME

John Henry
Directed by: David Donar, Anderson, SC

The Ghostly Lovers of Fripp Island
Directed by: Jim Sidletsky, Beaufort, SC

There You Are
Directed by: Rui Huang, Los Angeles, CA


American Royalty
Directed by: Daniel Fisher and Stephen Fisher, Lexington, SC

Little Satchmo
Directed by: John Alexander, Los Angeles, CA

Song For Hope
Directed by: Chris Haigh, Northridge, CA

The Book Keepers
Directed: Phil Wall, Brooklyn, NY

The Long Rider
Directed by: Sean Cisterna, Ontario Canada


Meltdown In Dixie
Directed by: Emily Harrold, New York, NY

Sacred Waters: The Okefenokee In Peril
Directed by: Mark Albertin, Augusta, GA

Storefront: Statesboro Blues
Directed by: Jonathan Hunt, Savannah, GA


Last Patrol On Okinawa
Directed by: Nick Brokaw, Los Angeles, CA

The Donut Dollies
Directed by: Norman Anderson, Los Angeles, CA

Veterans Journey Home: Leaving It On the Land
Directed by: Frederick Marx, Oakland, CA


Fires in the Dark
Directed by: Dominique Lienhard, Munich, Germany

Directed by: Chris Guerra and Matthew John Koppin, Burbank, CA

Seven Days Till Midnight
Directed by: James Suttles, Martin, OH


:60 Seconds
Directed by: John “Quiq” Quigley, Hermosa Beach, CA

All That Glitters
Directed by: Dan Bronzite, Essex, United Kingdom

American Morning
Directed by: Robbie Bryan, Scott Plains, NJ

Are You My Mommy
Directed by: Gavin Michael Booth, North Hollywood, CA

Directed by: Jillian Reeves, Sherman Oaks, CA

Directed by: John Barnhardt, Fort Collins, CO

Directed by: Arturo Zuniga, Los Angeles, CA

Consider the Sparrow
Directed by: Eliza Foss, New York, NY

Directed by: Ben McHugh, New York, NY

Guest of Honor
Directed by: Lisa Belcher, Austin, TX

Hell in a Handbasket
Directed by: Lee Chambers, Regina Saskatchewan Canada

His & Hers
Directed by: Chris Sexton Fletcher, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

In the Event of My Death
Directed by: Brian Scott Steele, Los Angeles, CA

Good Men and Unicorns
Directed by: Jake Ebright, Los Angeles, CA

Directed by: Stephanie Katherine Grant and Michael Grant, Toluca Lake, CA

Last Laugh
Directed by: Paul Anderson, New York, NY

Little Games
Directed by: Stefane Houssier, Wheathampstead, United Kingdom

On My Mind
Directed by: Martin Strange-Hansen, Bronshoj, Denmark

Over My Dead Body
Directed by: Meital Cohen Navarro, Los Angeles, CA

Pap’s Manifesto
Directed by: Chris Danuser and Casey Clark, Maplewood, NJ

Directed by: Steve Blackwood, Newburyport, MA

That Feeling
Directed by: Paul Inman, Conway, SC

The Della Morte Sisters
Directed by: Bill Sorvino, New York, NY

The Dinner Guest
Directed by: Dale Griffiths Stamos, Santa Barbara, CA

The Flipside
Directed by: Mark Bradley, Eliza Dennis, and Rebecca Pryce, Charleston, SC

The Killer Across the Street
Directed by: Adam Seccafico, Englishtown, NJ

Turning Blue
Directed by: Dana White and Christopher Knoblock, Willoughby Hills, OH

Western Exit
Directed by: Scott Ballard, Portland, OR

When the Rain Sets In
Directed by: James Hughes, London, United Kingdom


Directed by: Eli Saliba, Fayetteville, GA (University of Georgia)

Life, Again
Directed by: Anna Maite Kaplan and Orion Huang, Orange, CA (Dodge College)

Directed by: Henry Daemen, Oakville, Ontario (Sheridan College)

The Pomegranate Tree
Directed by: Kanika Vora, Orange, CA (Dodge College)

Winter of ‘79
Directed by: Julia Elihu, Orange, CA (Dodge College)


Concrete Wings
by: Bev Gandara, Myrtle Beach, SC

by: Genevieve McDevitt, Fort Mill, SC

by: David Weissman and David Diamond, Los Angeles, CA

Stealing the Moon
by: Eric Carlson, Richmond, VA

Valley of the Spirits
by: Warren R. Hull and K. D. Clemmens, Las Vegas, NV


Are You My Mommy
Hell in a Handbasket
His & Hers
In the Event of My Death
Last Laugh
The Killer Across the Street
Western Exit


Stephen Dexter (American Morning)
Rasmus Hammerich (On My Mind)
R. Keith Harris (Seven Days Till Midnight)
Lukas Hassel (Guest of Honor)
David Triacca (Pap’s Manifesto)


Lisa Belcher (Guest of Honor)
Ana Giradot (Fires In the Dark)
Molly Leland (The Dinner Guest)
Sophia Myles (All That Glitters)
Jillian Reeves (Broken)


Gavin Michael Booth (Are You My Mommy )
Chris Haigh (Song for Hope)
Meitel Cohen Navarro (Over My Dead Body )
Bill Sorvino (The Della Morte Sisters )
Martin Strange-Hansen (On My Mind)


Consider the Sparrow
Last Laugh
On My Mind
Over My Dead Body
The Della Morte Sisters

The Dinner Guest


Donut Dollies
Music by: Jim Gardner

Music by: Daniel Jones / Christine Alice / Armchair Martian

Last Patrol On Okinawa
Music by: Jon Monroe

Song For Hope
Music by: Anthony Di Lorenzo

The Della Morte Sisters
Music by: Michael Vignola

The Flipside
Music by: Mark Bryan

Winter of ’79
Music by: Raphael Dargent (PHAR)

When the Rain Sets In
Music by: Jean-Pascal Beintus

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