Dave Not Coming Back
Dave Not Coming Back

Austin Film Festival (AFF) announced the 2020 Film Competition Jury and Audience Award winners alongside the Script Competition winners. Following each screening, audience members cast their votes for the Audience Award, recognizing the audience’s Festival favorites among the 2020 film slate.


Marquee Feature: Dave Not Coming Back, written and directed by Jonah Malak

Narrative Feature: Paper Tiger, written and directed by Paul Kowalski

Documentary Feature: The Book Keepers, written and directed by Phil Wall

Dark Matters Feature: Blinders, written by Tyler D. Savage and Dash Hawkins, directed by Tyler D. Savage

Comedy Vanguard Feature: Reboot Camp, written and directed by Ivo Raza

Texas Independent Feature: Horton Foote: The Road to Home, directed by Anne Rapp

Narrative Short: The Yellow Dress, written and directed by Alex Ko

Documentary Short: Little Rink, written and directed by Lisa Melmed

Animated Short: To: Gerard, written and directed by Taylor Meacham

Narrative Student Short: Molly Robber, written and directed by Austin Hall and Zach Visviks

Produced Digital Series Presented by Stage 13: Break In, created by Justin Gallaher and Samuel Roseme


Narrative Feature: The Badger, written and directed by Kazem Mollaie

Documentary Feature: The Book Keepers, written and directed by Phil Wall

Comedy Vanguard Feature: Standard, written and directed by Fernando González Gómez

Dark Matters Feature: The Blue Orchid, written by Carl Marott and Hans Frederik Jacobsen, directed by Carl Marott

Narrative Short: The Recordist, written by Indianna Bell, directed by Indianna Bell and Josiah Allen

Narrative Student Short: Home, written and directed by Adewale Olukayode

Documentary Short: Blood on our Side, written by Rodrigo Hernandez, Elpida Nikou and Gino Moreno, directed by Rodrigo Hernandez and Elpida Nikou

Animated Short: To The Dusty Sea, written and directed by Héloïse Ferlay

Produced Digital Series Presented by Stage 13: #martyisdead, created by Pavel Soukup

Enderby Entertainment Fellowship Award: 1,2,3, All Eyes On Me, written by Emil Gallardo and Derek Ho, directed by Emil Gallardo


Drama Feature Screenplay Award presented by Writers Guild of America, East: The Young Woman by Edward Drake

Comedy Feature Screenplay Award presented by Sony Pictures Animation: Harold Doesn’t Die by Stephen Sloot

Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay Award: Chupacabra by Mark Ellis

Horror Feature Screenplay Award: Open House by Sean J.S. Jourdan and John Ingle

Drama Teleplay Pilot Award: Richmond Underground by Melissa Turkington and Ben Samuels

Comedy Teleplay Pilot Award: Lemonlight by M. Rowan Meyer

Drama Teleplay Spec Award: Pose: Different Dances by Casey Bischel

Comedy Teleplay Spec Award: What We Do In The Shadows: The Lamp by Ethan Von Zamft

Enderby Entertainment Award: King Of Rio Barro by Jonathan Easley

Scholastic Entertainment Fellowship For Kids And Family Content Award: Space Kids by Joshua Losben and Scott Gabriel

Rooster Teeth Fellowship Award: The Mclean Ladies’ Foundation For Modern Literary Appreciation by Alexis Perkins

Rooster Teeth Development Deal Award: Please Don’t Hate Me by Nina Kim

Josephson Entertainment Fellowship Teleplay Pilot Award: The World Famous Maxine Is Arriving Now by Joseph McMahon

Josephson Entertainment Fellowship Feature Screenplay Award: Company Man by Nancy Duff

AMC One-Hour Pilot Award: IRIS by Natasha M. Hall

HUMANITAS ORIGINALS Award: The Bridge to Ossabaw Island by Kieran A. Gallagher

Scripted Digital Series Award Presented by Stage 13: Lady Mozart by Michelle Sarkany

Short Screenplay Award: Like You Think You Know Me by Stephen Schuyler

Playwriting Award: Wake The Body by Matt Ackels

Fiction Podcast Award: Curtains by Kareem Badr and Mike D’Alonzo

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