Riceboy Sleeps directs by Anthony Shim official trailer and release date
Riceboy Sleeps directs by Anthony Shim

Coming to VOD are four new films, Darcy Weir’s documentary Secret Space UFOs: Fastwalkers, Dennis Devine’s biting new horror film Fangs Out, Anthony Shim’s award-winning drama Riceboy Sleeps, and Cory Choy’s supernatural thriller Esme, My Love

Secret Space UFOs: Fastwalkers

Secret Space UFOs: Fastwalkers, writer and director Darcy Weir’s documentary into the mysterious world of NASA-related UFO encounters in space, will debut May 2nd on digital/VOD.

Starting in the late 1970s and continuing until now, expert researchers will reveal a history of anomalies recorded by military and space research missions. Starting with Skylab 3’s UFO incident, expanding into the STS/ISS Mission Era, director Darcy Weir and the rest of the team uncover a deep recent history of UFO sightings in space. In the present day they uncover all of the developments in Congress regarding UAP research and disclosure to the public during 2023. A new interview conducted with a long lost space anomalies researcher Martyn Stubbs is included in this documentary.


Directed by Dennis Devine (The Haunting of La Llorona), biting new horror film FANGS OUT sinks its teeth into digital platforms on May 23

A Group of college students head to Mexico for some cheap plastic surgery. There they meet Dr. Pavor, a creepy surgeon who is actually a vampire, harvesting victims for his blood cartel. Aided by his blood thirsty nurses he systematically carries out his evil plan. When a detective looking for his missing daughter arrives – all hell breaks loose in a bloody combustible conclusion. Randy Oppenheimer (Rottentail), Veronica Ricci (Bloody Mary), Samuel Code (Run! Die! Kill!) and Angel Juarez (Celest) head up a cast of genre staples.

Riceboy Sleeps

Directed by Anthony Shim, Riceboy Sleeps stars Choi Seung-yoon as a Korean immigrant single mother raising her teenage son after moving to Canada to give him a better life.

Also starring in the movie are Ethan Hwang and Hunter Dillon.

Riceboy Sleeps world premiered at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival, followed by the international premiere at the 27th Busan International Film Festival and will be released on VOD on May 2nd, 2023.

A single Korean mother and her adolescent son living as immigrants in Canada during the 90s.

So-Young is a Korean single mother raising her adolescent son Dong-Hyun in the suburbs of Canada during the 90s. Determined to provide a better life for him than the one she left behind in her native country, she does her best to overcome the constant racial and cultural challenges that confront them.

As Dong-Hyun gets older, he becomes increasingly curious about his Korean heritage and in particular, about his deceased father – a topic that So-Young refuses to address. Instead, she is set on continuing to build on her new life which now includes a relationship with a kind Korean-Canadian man who is eager to take on the role of Dong-Hyun’s surrogate father. This only exacerbates the tense relationship between her and Dong-Hyun. Then, sudden devastating news prompts the mother and son to return to South Korea for the first time since their initial departure with hopes of reconnecting to their roots and reconciling their tragic past.


SAG Nominee Audrey Grace Marshall (“The Flight Attendant”) headlines Cory Choy’s supernatural thriller Esme, My Love which has been scheduled for a digital release worldwide June 2 via Terror Films.

When Hannah notices the symptoms of a terminal and painful illness in her aloof daughter, Esme, she decides to take her on a trip to their abandoned family farm in a desperate attempt to connect before they have to say goodbye.

Stacey Weckstein also stars.

Says director Cory Choy, “I recognize that women are underrepresented in film, both on and off screen. And while I didn’t set out with this explicit intention, I am very proud to have made a movie exploring the relationship between parent and child that stars only women (one of whom is a little girl), was co-written and co-edited by women, with cinematography by a woman, and features a score composed by women.”

Inspired by true events, the film is “rooted in a family’s history and lore”, adds Choy. “Esme, My Love explores the relationship between mother and daughter — a meditation on love, loss, family and magic”.

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