Death of a Whistleblower trailer
Luyanda Masinda ‘Noxolo Dlamini’ in Death of a Whistleblower

The thriller Death of a Whistleblower, the latest film from South African filmmaker Ian Gabriel known for Four Corners – South Africa’s Official Submission for 86th Oscars Best Foreign Language Film and Netflix’s family crime series Ludik, will World Premiere as an official Centerpiece selection of Toronto International Film Festival.

In the film, when investigative journalist Luyanda Masinda narrowly survives the assassination of her whistleblower lover, she joins forces with his inside man to expose the deep-rooted state capture of military assets by a corrupt and powerful group who will stop at nothing to protect their illicit chemical weapons trade across Africa.

Death of a Whistleblower stars Noxolo Dlamini (a West End musical theatre veteran in her debut feature film lead role, she’s known for the Netflix series JIVA! & iNumber), Kathleen Stephens (Till Next Time, Showmax series’ Tali’s Baby Diaries), Irshaad Ally (series Suidooster, Number 37), Anthony Oseyemi (host of Survivor Africa, BET’s ISONO, Netflix’s Red Sea Diving Resort, and Resident Evil), Inez Robertson (Ektasis, Atop a Grassy Hill), S’thandiwe Kgoroge (series Generations, Shaka Ilembe), and Rob Van Vuuren (Netflix’s Seal Team, The Umbrella Men).

Death of a Whistleblower, is a South African investigative thriller rooted in truth and the very real experiences in South Africa and the African diaspora.

When Luyanda’s no bull-shit reporting style lands her in trouble at work, an independent journalist, Stanley, tries to recruit her for research on a top-secret exposé related to the 1996 Truth and Reconciliation Commission and its aftermath. After a one-night stand, however, Stanley is assassinated in front of Luyanda by the very group he’s been investigating. Left in possession of Stanley’s laptop, Luyanda enlists the help of her tech- savvy best friend, Astha, to track down Stanley’s inside man – a state military whistleblower with an axe to grind named Albert.

As they dig deeper, Luyanda and Astha unveil evidence of widespread corruption involving a Private Security organization led by wealthy industrial philanthropist, Martin Bezuidenhout, and disturbing links between South Africa’s current illicit trade and its dark Apartheid past. But as they spiral closer to the truth, confronting Bezuidenhout and his high-ranking military front woman, Major General Thuli Yiza, powerful forces conspire to stop them in their tracks. Astha’s life is threatened and Albert’s ulterior motives take a dangerous turn.

Facing a devastating personal loss, Luyanda teams up with the enigmatic Albert to expose state secrets, despite the grave risks. Their mission takes them to Cape Town to thwart a Defense funding scheme. Although the operation starts successfully, Albert’s secrecy raises concerns. After they plant incriminating evidence and tip off authorities, Albert vanishes, leaving Luyanda alone.

Determined to end the malevolence she’s uncovered , Luyanda immerses herself in their discoveries. She unearths damning new evidence of a military chemical weapons agenda involving rogue African states, the Saudis, Yemen. And an illicit South African weapons trade It is only then that Albert’s Albert’s true identity surfaces. Luyanda races against time finally equipped with the truth that will bring down the beast.

But first she must face a personal and devastating challenge – how to prevent Albert from becoming the very monster they’re seeking to slay.

Watch the first trailer for Death of a Whistleblower.

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