Motorcycle Mary directed by Haley Watson
Motorcycle Mary

The untold story of legendary motorsports pioneer Mary McGee a.k.a. Motorcycle Mary made its world premiere at the 2024 Tribeca Festival in New York in the shorts competition on Friday, June 7th (with additional screenings June 13 and 15).

The 22-minute documentary short Motorcycle Mary, directed by Haley Watson and produced by Rachel Greenwald and executive produced by two-time Oscar® winner Ben Proudfoot and seven-time Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, brings McGee’s life to the big screen with stunning never-before-seen archival footage and photographs. McGee’s racing career spanned thirty years and saw Mary shatter gender norms while mastering multiple racing disciplines. The film is Watson’s directorial debut.

ESPN Films has acquired the film, which will become part of ESPN’s 30 for 30 Shorts catalog.

Director and producer Haley Watson said: “I’m thrilled to debut Motorcycle Mary at Tribeca. Learning about Mary’s groundbreaking feats, like being the first woman to race motorcycles in the U.S. and her achievements in road racing with Porsche left me amazed by her overlooked story. Working alongside a dedicated female-led team has been immensely fulfilling. From the outset, our producer, Rachel Greenwald, championed Mary’s narrative. With the support of Breakwater Studios and Lewis Hamilton, our executive producer, I’m hopeful that audiences will be inspired by Mary’s unwavering courage and fearless spirit.”

Motorcycle Mary directed by Haley Watson
Motorcycle Mary

Born in Alaska on the eve of World War II, Mary’s early life is riddled with fear but, with her older brother Jim’s guidance, she conquers her apprehensive nature and discovers the art of composure—a skill that serves her to take on the racetrack. Following in her brother’s footsteps, her remarkable racing odyssey begins in the world of cars, where she outshines her male competitors, only to later discover her greatest sense of freedom racing motorcycles. She was the first woman to race motorcycles in the United States.

Confronted by sexism and personal tragedy, Mary perseveres, pushing herself to greater and greater heights—culminating in her most hair-raising challenge: Becoming the first person ever to solo the grueling Baja 500 on a motorcycle.

Executive producer Lewis Hamilton said “I’m passionate about the importance of telling stories that need to be told. When I first heard about Mary, I immediately knew that her experiences and her character would inspire everyone who sees this film. What Mary has achieved in her lifetime is truly remarkable for anyone, but to do so in a male-dominated sport and at that time, is testament to her courage and her determination to live life without limits. Hayley, Rachel and their female-led team have created something truly powerful with Motorcycle Mary, and I hope that by supporting the project, I can help raise awareness of this film and this remarkable woman.”

Watch the official teaser trailer for Motorcycle Mary.

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