Vulcanizadora directed by Joel Potrykus

Here is a first look teaser for Vulcanizadora, the latest transgressive dark comedy feature from indie provocateur Joel Potrykus.

Vulcanizadora, written, directed, and co-starring Potrykus opposite his longtime collaborator Joshua Burge (The Revenant, 20th Century Women), world premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC in the festival’s US Narrative Competition.

In the film, which was lushly shot on 16mm and has kept plot details under wraps, two friends trudge through a Michigan forest with the intention of following through on a disturbing pact. After they fail, one of them must return home to deal with the legal and emotional repercussions.

“To me, Vulcanizadora is my most personal and my bleakest work. It has a weird tone that I’ve been trying to hit for a long time. It’s always great working with Joshua, and he completely understands the challenge of what we’re all doing, which should be sad, funny, and scary—oftentimes hitting all three in the same scene,” said Potrykus on the film. “Sad, funny, scary. We kept reminding ourselves of that on set, and thinking about how the audience would be kept off balance. Ideally, half the audience is laughing, half are grimacing in confusion. There are a lot of ideas and fears that I’m putting out there. Fatherhood opened up all kinds of beautiful new feelings for me, but has also me seeing humanity in a much different way. Both lead characters are voicing some of my darkest thoughts, and I’m not even sure I’m completely comfortable with talking about any of it yet.”

A true family affair beyond the usual team of collaborators in Michigan that Potrykus works with, Vulcanizadora is produced by Ashley Potrykus, Hannah Dweck and Theodore Schaefer for Dweck Productions —hot off their buzzy Cannes Director’s Fortnight premiere of Tyler Taormina’s Christmas Eve in Miller’s Point— and Matt Grady for the esteemed Brooklyn indie outfit Factory 25.

The cast is rounded out by Bill Vincent and Solo Potrykus, in his first on-screen appearance. Additional key credits include cinematographer Adam J. Minnick (Chained for Life), making his seventh collaboration with Potrykus, and Associate Producer Daniel Berger. Potrykus also edited.

“Potrykus, known for his singular vision and unpredictable storytelling, delivers a film that is both accessible and unapologetically offbeat. With strong performances from Burge and Potrykus himself, the film expertly navigates multiple tones, striking a balance between the bizarre and the emotionally resonant. The film is ideal for those seeking a thought-provoking, genre-defying experience that will linger long after the credits roll” said Tribeca programmer Jarod Neece in his program notes.

Watch the official teaser for Vulcanizadora.

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