Shit Year | Cam Archer

International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2010 will present a feast of 18 films in the International Competition Section. Previously restricted to feature films from Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America, this year the International Competition Section has been made open to all feature films from across the world. 18 films (15 foreign and 3 Indian) feature films have been short listed for in this Section.

The following are the Films shortlisted for the International Competition Section:


Apart Together | Wang Quan An | China

Protektor | Marek Najbrt | Czech Republic

In a better World | Susanne Bier |Denmark/Sweden

Heart Beats | Saara Cantell | Finland

Moner Manush | Goutam Ghose |India / Bengali

Just Another Love Story | Kaushik Ganguly |India / English

Vihir | Umesh Kulkarni | India / Marathi

On Foot | Fereydoun Hasanpour |Iran

Valley of Strength (Gei Oni) | Dan Wolman | Israel

Sword of Desperation (Hisshiken Tori-Sashi) | Hideyuki Hirayama | Japan

Little Rose | Jan Kidawa-Blonski | Poland

Bibinur Story | Yuri Feting | Russia

Paper Birds | Emilio Aragon | Spain

Taipei Exchanges | Hsiao Ya-Chuan | Taiwan

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives | Apichatpong Weerasethakul | Thailand

The Crossing (Kavasak) | Selim Demirdelen | Turkey

West is West | Andy De Emmony | UK

Shit Year | Cam Archer | USA








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