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The Midwest Independent Film Festival will award their 2014 “Best of the Midwest” honors on Tuesday, December 2, with a ceremony in Chicago.  The festival is a year-round movie event in Chicago that takes place the first Tuesday of every month, at the Landmark Century Centre Cinema.   The SXSW hit Animals, Joe Swanberg’s Sundance comedy Happy Christmas and HotDocs pick The Starfish Throwers are among the nominees for the 2014 Best of the Midwest Awards.

The nominees for the “Best of the Midwest” Awards are as follows

Best Music Video

“Shadow” directed by Ryan O’Hara Theisen

“Unbreakable Pocket Comb” directed by Justin Reid Tvedt

”Am I Awake” directed by Joe Cuomo, written by Paul Swiatek

Best Short Film

“The Scumbag Barbers of Rotterdam” directed by Seth Henrikson

“Hoppy Hour” directed by Ryan O’Hara Theisen

“140 Drams” directed by Oksana Mirzoyan

”The Alphabet Conspiracy” directed by Chris Anderson

“Apartment Guy” created by Bill Boehler
Offsides” directed by Tytania Holliman

“Bad Ambulance” directed by Daniel Klein
Ree” directed by Juan Camilo Moore

Best Editing

Amanda Griffin, “Animals”

Adam Pillon, “140 Drams”

Craig Lewandowski, “Adventures in the Sin Bin”

Mike Turner, “Hoppy Hour
Bill Kersey, “The Starfish Throwers”

Best Cinematography

Chris Vinopal, “The Cold and the Quiet”

Ben Derico, “Ree
Jeffrey Bloom, “The Wake”

Pete Biagi, “Bad Ambulance
Jesse Roesler, “The Starfish Throwers”

Seth Henrikson, “The Scumbag Barbers of Rotterdam”

Best Screenplay

Christopher Storer, “Adventures in the Sin Bin”

David Dastmalchian, “Animals
Oksana Mirzoyan, “140 Drams
Bill Boehler, “Apartment Guy”

Jim Kozyra and Chris Petlak, “The Jamz
Todd Sklar and Alex Rennie, “Awful Nice”

Best Female Actor

Katie Oellerich, “The Cold and the Quiet
Alana Grelyak, “MagiCATastrophe
Sayjal Joshi, “The Mayor’s Aide
Ilyssa Fradin, “Animals”

Best Male Actor

Alex Rennie, “Awful Nice”

Joe Swanberg, “Happy Christmas”

David Dastmalchian, “Animals
Chance Bone, “Adventures in the Sin Bin
Bill Boehler, “Apartment Guy”

Kris Flanagan, “MagiCATastrophe
Malcom Banks, “Offsides”

Best Director

Oksana Mirzoyan, “140 Drams”

Joe Swanberg, “Happy Christmas
Billy Federighi, “Adventures in the Sin Bin”

Colleen Griffen Chappelle, “The Cold and the Quiet”

Todd Sklar, “Awful Nice”

Collin Schiffli, “Animals”

David Boone Wilson and AJ Schnack, “We Always Lie to Strangers
Jesse Roesler, “The Starfish Throwers”

Best Feature

“Adventures in the Sin Bin” directed by Billy Federighi

”Awful Nice” directed by Todd Sklar

“The Cold and the Quiet” directed by Colleen Griffen

”We Always Lie to Strangers” directed by David Boone Wilson and A.J. Schnack

“Animals” directed by Collin Schiffli

“The Starfish Throwers” directed by Jesse Roesler

“Happy Christmas” directed by Joe Swanberg

 via Hollywood Chicago

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